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I just switched back to my old R5 over the last year's Rocketballz driver.   Sometimes old is good.  
97MPH for me. 32 years old 5-8 165lbs
Price Includes Shipping.   For Sale: Barley Used (9 rounds) TaylorMade Rocketballz Tour TP Driver - CONDITION: 9/10 9* loft but you can adjust up to 10.5* or down to 7.5* - Wrench Included HD6 Matrix Ozik X Shaft Taylor Made Grip - Like New   $149 (includes shipping, headcover and wrench)
I think you have really good rhythm and balance and I don't want to mess that up.   But some things to fix at set up are your feet are too far apart, which causes you to sway quite a bit in your swing.   The second is that your legs seem a bit too flexed - try straightening up a bit more, which could allow you to not forward press so much.   But overall a very good swing and if it works for you then just keep doing your thing while making minor tweaks here...
If you won't forgiveness then I would forget about the R9's - not a forgiving club IMO.   I don't know enough about the others to give my opinion
Ding ding ding... we have a winner.
I average 260.4 yards with driver - this is off of my last 8 rounds. And if you would like to see my swing click here: http://thesandtrap.com/forum/threads...pringBokVol%29 Driver swing located at the bottom of that thread.
That is really nice work. I am looking to construct something in my basement - more like a hitting bay than just a net. If I ever get to it I will be sure to post pictures.
That is a really good swing. I mean, it is really sound.
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