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If you've got the financial backing and are willing to take the time there is really no reason not to do it. Just make sure those same resources are available for you to complete your degree if you decide that a life in golf isn't for you. There are way worse ways to blow a year...
Whether you take lessons or not is really up to you. I personally have never had lessons. I did read everything I could get my hands on and combined lots of practice with less play. Picking up Hogan's book is a great idea. After a long hiatus I've started playing again and hitting the books to brush up on my technique has been all I've needed to get my swing back into reasonable shape. I persoanlly enjoy going to the driving range to relax and unwind so that's...
I've had my putter since grade school. It's going on 35 years old now.
I keep meaning to bring my clubs out when I visit my in-laws (NE of Des Moines) but never seem to remember when it's time to pack :(
This is rude, insulting and uncalled for. Very few people were untouched by the legacy of WWII. To claim that asking a question about a (possible) artifact from that era paints you with the same brush shows a saddening lack of perspective. Back on topic, the item as described by the OP didn't make a lot of sense until I googled up the same auction information. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. George Santayana, The Life of Reason
Villifying somebody for asking a question about an old item seems a bit extreme. Are you certain it is of Baltic origin? The USSR was in control of the Baltic countries until the Germans invaded them in 1941 so that should set its date of manufacture between mid 1941 and extremely early in 1945. Not everyone in the Baltic was upset to see the Nazis so some manufacture of items with swastikas wouldn't surprise me. On the other hand rationing of all war commidities...
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