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This is absolutely huge for Nike. I'm excited to see Rory in Nike duds. I think Nike's clubs will only improve from here on out.
I think they should be able to wear shorts. But you know the moment they are allowed to, all of the old timers are going to make a scene about it.  
I always finish. They don't give you gimme's in tournaments.
I'll take one. Medium please. I entered as well.
Thanks for the responses. Should I practice that posted drill even if I don't use s&t? Also, is there a video about how not to prematurely open the hips?
The biggest habit which I find when coming down on the ball is that I tend to lift up my back heel on the downswing before making contact with the ball. I don't know what lifting the heel does, but many have told me to keep it down on the ground before making contact with the ball. I've always had this habit, and I think it's from playing baseball pretty much my entire life. So basically I'm asking if anyone else has this problem, and what exactly does it harm by doing...
This is awesome to look at. I can only imagine how many swings it would take to develop evidence of a sweet spot on my irons.
Yeah man you need to work on the putting green...
I usually play better with my friends. When I play with my dad I usually play worse since I'm trying to play better. When I'm with friends, I loosen up and I don't think too much. So I score better.
Went out and purchased this book today. Already figured out my grip problem.
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