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If you can find them, FJ has a premium glove called FJ Pure Touch.  Its amazing.  I tried one on in the store and its unreal.  I haven't played in one so can't speak to durability and they are about $25, but goodness they're comfy.
I also won!  I really don't need one.  Thinking about grinding the leading edge and making my own Tour Striker... 
Okay, now you're just being cynical.  You're that boob who told Fosbury not to flop.  Not all golfers are 'working' on something when they play.  Something tells me the gentleman in the video wasn't trying to execute a one-plane swing or really anything in particular on his first swing.  Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't S&T just trying to create a more repeatable golf swing?  Sort of a more effective, more often thing?  Isn't that the whole point?
The B330S is a great ball.  Midway between a Pro-V1 and a V1x for me.  Can't recall the putting sound however.  Srixon also makes a Z-Star X you may want to look into...
    On the teebox, the turf condition is more or less a non-issue.  If the ground is horrible, tee it up a bit and make sure you hit the ball first.  From crappy fairways, I'll take a bit more club and swing smoother, ensuring I catch the ball first.  Knockdowns work well in this case.
Agreed.  I couldn't hit the 909 3W to save my life.  I just couldn't make solid contact from the turf.  I hit the Adams Fast 10 and couldn't pull my wallet out fast enough.  It has a different shape that really appeals to my swing.  I would recommend hitting several and finding 'your' 3W.  My driver distance is similar to yours, and I hit the 3W about 245 off the deck.
Just because you're at 80% of your driver swing speed doesn't have any bearing on the over-swing issue.  It is likely you also over-swing with your driver.  I would recommend just shortening the swing a bit for consistency.  Check out the video at about 18 seconds.  From the DTL view, at the top of your swing the club head almost returns to waist-high.  Parallel is plenty.  
Bah..  Thanks!  Wasted advice on crappy reading...
2800 rpm isn't terribly high.  7.5 degrees launch angle however is very low.  If you could increase your launch angle to around 11-12 degrees while maintaining that spin rate, I would expect significant distance gains.  The high-loft/low-spin suggestion works for many people for that reason.  Keep in mind higher-lofter drivers (clubs in general) will impart more spin on the ball all other things equal.  
I'm not aware of any but that video is awesome!  I wonder how many shots they actually took before they hit the gong?
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