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I'd buy both and return/sell the one you don't like. It's tough to commit to a club you've never hit before....
For comparison's sake, I was quoted about 2 weeks for a set of Mizunos. I'd imagine your timeframe would be similar if not shorter because Titleist is domestic.
Surely the Victory Red full cavity's will be more workable than the 4D Slingshots... I would think anyway...
Dick's was selling Nickent 3DX hyrbids for $39.99 a few weeks back. I'm not sure if that's still current, but Nickent makes quality hybrids. Otherwise check out Ebay. It may be wise to go to a shop and demo clubs prior to buying. There's a shop not too far from here with a range out back and I'll go and demo clubs for a few hours prior to spending the money. It's free and entertaining.
Shaft stiffness was one of my big accuracy/consistency problems. I'm 6'4" 195 and I was swinging stiff graphite and having problems controlling the ball. I switched to stiff steel and am much more precise with my shots now. I don't have any idea what my swing speed is, but I'm glad I switched for what its worth.
Here are the lofts for your set: 4i - 23* 5i - 26* 6i - 29* 7i - 33* 8i - 37* 9i - 41* 10i - 45* W - 50* Because your set has strengthened lofts, there would have been a massive gap between your 9i and W. Callaway introduced a 10i to fill the hole. If you buy clubs, dont buy one with the same lofts as these listed above. Oh and the Vokey spin milled wedges spin the ball like none other. If you spin the ball well anyway, you probably don't need one.
The ball speed off a springy-faced cavityback iron will be about 5-10 mph faster than a similar strike off a muscleback blade. This would be an instance where technology accounts for more distance model to model.
Callaway may have added a 10-iron to bridge the gap between your 9 iron and 50* wedge. Maybe your set's lofts aren't standard so there was a bigger gap than usual. If it were me, I'd spring for a 56* sandwedge and call it good. Keep in mind you don't have to carry 14 clubs. It may be wiser to practice and hone your skills before purchasing clubs you likely don't need.
I've found that I'm much more confident standing over a hybrid than a wood. The iron-like feel allows me to work the ball better and they're more versatile in my opinion. They work through rough like a knife through butter and provide good distance, even with slower tempo-ed swings. I used to play Nickent hybrids and liked them, but sold them with my old set. I'm looking to try some Burner Rescue hybrids but wouldn't mind going back to Nickent. They make quality...
Generally speaking, Ogio makes quality bags. I've not played with the Vaporlite specifically, but I had an Edge for awhile and it was a nice bag. I ended up swapping it for a Nike Sasquatch this past Fall for the individual club compartments.
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