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Agreed.  -7 is super steep for a driver and those spin numbers are way low (not bad low, just seemingly too low for that AoA).  Considering your AoA in conjunction with your swing speed, I'd expect you to be ballooning the sh&t out of balls with a stiff shaft.
  I suppose that makes sense.  I don't think that would necessarily change the lie angle as well though..  It still seems relatively trivial.  The plate itself would have to be of varying thickness to basically 'roll' the club at address.  Almost like they engineered an artificial (albeit potentially more consistent) way to strengthen or weaken your grip.  
If, as a twosome, you want to golf at peak time by yourself, you should pay for a foursome so the course doesn't operate at decreased capacity due to your selfishness.  I like the like posted above: "I  am here for the company, not the golf."
OK so this has been driving me nuts since I saw the proto pics:  from an engineering perspective, how does the adjustable sole plate manipulate the face angle?  It doesn't appear to have any influence mechanically, but there has to be something.  Any ideas?
I've heard about making longer clubs more upright before.. What's the purpose of softening your wedge shafts? Doesn't that make you sky everything? I feel like I'd get bored waiting for the ball to come out of the clouds...
Any particular reason S400 over X100?
Nearest I can tell, most standard wedge flexes are a Dynamic Gold S200. My irons have S300 shafts in them, but I'm debating whether I'd be better off with an X100 to keep the ball flight down. Thoughts?
How many of you play non-standard shafts in your wedges? Intuitively, it makes sense to put the same shafts in your wedges that you have in your irons, but is there a reason for playing a different flex? What are the pros and cons of stiffer/weaker shafts in wedges?
+1 Steve Stricker -2 Phil Mickelson Tiger Woods(6) Phil Mickelson(3) Steve Stricker(15) Jim Furyk(14) Paul Casey(5) Luke Donald(8) Graeme McDowell(13) Ernie Els(4) Dustin Johnson(5) Zach Johnson(9)
Assuming equal contact, why not overswing? Why not Happy Gilmore? To answer your question, I think its a full club. Maybe a bit more even, but it doesn't work that way. What's the point in ever hitting a 3/4 shot if you can hit it just as crisp with a full swing?
New Posts  All Forums: