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You got it.
I agree. I think that how you hit them is the real question here. If you're all over the place and can't control them, then you may have an argument here. I play DGS300 and I'm swinging nearly 10mph faster. I'm not familiar with your particular shaft, but I think the best way to tell if you were fit incorrectly is if you can't hit them. Then you have a case with the retailer. My .02
Practice swing mentality: swing the club. Actual swing mentality: hit the ball. Try making "practice" swings (with a ball) focusing on the swing, not the contact.
Consider how many times you'd use each in a round. I personally dropped my 2H for a 3W and haven't had many shots where I've regretted my club choices. I think it depends on your length off the tee and what type of player you are. If you'll use the wedge more than the hybrid (in terms of shots per round, not utility) then go with the wedge. I'm pretty happy with my current wedge-heavy setup.
Now that's some Bruce Pearl recruiting if I've ever seen it... ;)
With the exception of your 6- and 7-iron gaps, you and I have nearly identical yardages. I don't think they're messed up at all. It could be possible (I've heard) to have weird frequency variations between your 6- and 7-iron shafts and the rest of the set. Really those are the only clubs that appear off though...
This has to be a typo.... Where's In N Out? The Double-Double is almost worth a free-miles flight... No really. They're that good.
I played a round last November in about 45 degree weather. I bladed a 4-iron on the first fairway and my hands stung until the 5th green. Shortly after impact, I was considerably closer to "F*%# me sideways that sucked..." than "Hmm, I think I hit that a bit thin, thanks for the feedback!" Feedback doesn't do you any good if you don't have the experience to know what to do with it. The catch is that when you've got the experience, you don't need player's irons to...
Ballooning is due to spin. The ball spins more when you swing harder. Furthermore, wind exaggerates this effect. Aside from taking more club, I find that swinging easier and really focusing on trapping the ball makes for more predictable distance as it keeps the ball low and away from the wind. I've found that into a strong wind, a 3/4 swing with delofted face creates more distance than a full swing with the same club. Try some knockdowns like this at the range to get...
As mentioned before, your equipment selection certainly isn't helping you out if you're trying to hit a low ball. Also, your weight shift into impact doesn't look aggressive enough to achieve the distance you're seeking (granted, you're trying to hit the ball farther than most people can hit it...).
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