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Choke down. Just a thought...
I'm lost, why would the lie angle change if the shaft was shorter? Isn't the lie angle the angle between the shaft and the ground at address?
I just played my first round with the Speedline Fast 10 3-wood and I have to say, I have a whole new confidence off the tee. I'm long and erratic with a driver, so I got this club to play off the tee when a driver could get me in trouble. I'm surgical now. I can work it left and right, high and low. I didn't hit a poor shot with it all day. Its even easy to play off the deck. Take this for what its worth, as I have no 3-wood experience to speak of. This club...
I'm 6'4" and haven't really considered it. Ball position is relative, so I wouldn't expect a difference in ball position for identical swings from a 5'5" golfer versus a 6'6" golfer. With this in mind, I suppose that things could get confusing when talking about driver position. An inch inside the leading heel for a shorter golfer would likely translate to more than an inch inside the leading heel for a taller golfer, due to the probable wider stance of the taller...
I agree. I tried this last summer and consistently produced a low-flight, controlled 220 yard shot. Its a great tool to have if the situation presents itself, but I find that the partial swing doesn't generate enough distance to score well with my long irons. Personally, I'd rather hit a 9i out of th rough than a 5i out of the fairway. Just my .02
I'd break it down to which you would realistically use more often. If a 48* wedge would save you more shots than your 5 wood, I'd make the switch.
Sounds good. Thanks for the feedback everyone!
Care to elaborate? Is it as simple as "not getting through the ball" or are my driver woes more deeply seeded?
Here's a still of my posture at impact. Thoughts?
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