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Is there any way to demo these shafts to figure out what I really want or do I just have to start buying and trying them?
Its been awhile, but if I recall my launch angle was around 12-13 and my spin rate was about 3500. I'm playing a 9.5 Tour Burner with the stock RE*AX 60 in an X-flex.
To clarify, my typical ball flight has a high launch. Occasionally, I'll balloon one pretty bad, but generally, they just launch high. This isn't always a problem, as I get pretty good distance in mild conditions, but I'm in trouble in the wind. Considering the 10-20 mph winds we get in Kansas, I'd like to bring the ball down for more control.
I'm looking to put a new shaft in my Tour Burner and want something that promotes a way-low ball flight. Any suggestions on where to start? I've never played a shaft that I couldn't sky; will moving to a low launch shaft mean boardy feel? Is there a way to demo shafts or are they an all-in sort of thing? I'd like to stay below $100 if possible.
If you look at the spin rate in the table versus the placement on the figure, you'll see that the Pro V1 does spin more than the V1x.
I'm really satisfied with my SQ Tour bag. Its durable and has plenty of storage. The quick ball access is nice too. One downside: it doesn't like sitting in a cart. It tends to twist funny.
I won't be satisfied until i shoot an 18...
For me, it depends on the shape of the hole and the size of the landing area. If hitting driver means a 10 yard landing area versus 30 yards for a 3 iron, I'll hit the iron. This past week I drove the green on a 287 yd par 4. It had a slight dogleg left and was wide open up tp the green. No problems hitting driver and I was fortunate enough to make a good shot. Naturally, i three-putted, but that's a different story...
My set is built 1" over, and I recently had extensions put in my wedges. It was the greatest choice ever. I had trouble staying in my stance for full swings as the standard length was so short relative to the rest of my set. Now I'm a sniper from 100 in. Add extensions (or reshaft of you think it matters, mine are fine). You will be glad you did.
Everyone's swing is decending at some point, correct? Thus, a "sweeping" swing as you decribe can't be had without first swinging on a decending path from the top of the golf swing? Moving the ball position to a point just before your swing bottoms out ensures a descending angle of attack. Sure, if you simultaneously change other things, this tactic won't work, but neither will anything else for that matter. Just a thought. I'm not a coach or anything, but it seems...
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