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...which means you are correct. There are two ways to affect the spin of a shot: 1) Vary the ball position like you've mentioned. This varies your angle into the ball, increasing/decreasing the amount of spin. 2) Vary your swing speed. Speed means spin. Given two identical attack angles, the one with the higher swing speed will spin more. Swinging easy will typically generate similar distances, only resulting in lower shots that tend to release a bit.
Could be many reasons. You could be decelerating into impact. Could be taking too much divot. For me, my divots (and resulting shots) were horrible when I focused on trying to take a divot. Rather, a divot is a byprodct of a quality swing. Find the bottom of your swing arc and position the ball just before that point and you should be good to go.
I got the ball from a buddy who bought a box and had the same problem. He couldn't get them 20 feet off the ground. His swing speed is probably in the low 90s though. Mine's closer to 115. The ball was brand new.
Interesting... Like I'm talking 50% lower ball flight. This wasn't subtle by any means. Just curious...
For those of you who've played this ball, have you had any issue in launch angle? From my understanding, this ball is supposed to promote a straight ballflight (versus the e7 which is supposed to have a penetrating flight). I usually hit the ball pretty high. I'm also fairly long and have tried all sorts of balls to keep the ballflight down off the tee. I would say for reference purposes that my average drive carries 240+. I tried this ball last week and its a laser...
For starters your ball position is way too far back. Try positioning the ball just inside your left foot.
This comment makes no sense! Of course its harder to hit a wedge when the loft gets that high. The contact area decreases (with the margin for error) as the loft increases. Why not go and buy a 90 degree wedge then? I bet you'll be fantastic with that so long you keep your hands ahead of the ball...
I think this depends too on the shape of the face and the loft. Some drivers don't offer much room to hit a ball off the deck (think game improvement styles). Also, too much loft makes it difficult not to hit it thin, while too little loft makes it hard to get the ball in the air. My favorite driver for the short grass was a 9.5 degree Nike 350 from way back when. Shaped almost like a 3 wood but meaner. What kind of distance are you getting relative to off the tee?
I play a 15.5 degree hybrid and really like it. I use it as a replacement 3-wood and while I don't quite get the same distance, I'm much more consistent with it.
I would go hit some and find out for yourself. Do you have access to a shop that will let you demo clubs? Or better yet, a shop with an outdoor range? I personally play a 2 hybrid, but I don't carry a 3 wood. Mine is actually a 15.5 degree I believe. I like the versatility of the hybrid very much - I can hit it high and low, from the rough or off the tee. For me it is a 230-240 club. For long approach shots (generally long par 5s), I sometimes wish I carried a 3...
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