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I'm pretty sure, with enough practice, that any 5'9" person could win the NBA dunk contest like Nate Robinson. Or with enough time in the gym, any Joe Schmo can win the World Strong-Man competition. Face it: athletic prowess in any context is partially genetic. Practice allows you to maximize the potential you have, but won't change who you are.
To the OP, I fail to see how bending the clubs more upright will fix your problem with the left side of the course. In fact, I would think doing so would accomplish exactly the opposite effect. Also, I'm not sure that the lie angle is what has you playing off the toe. The length on the other hand could be the culprit. Playing clubs that are too short could be causing you to compensate during the swing. How did you come to +.25? Were you fitted for this measurement...
Should I be looking to rank/pair people or am I better off allowing players to form their own teams? I have a few courses that have affiliations with the university. Aside from previous engagements, I see no reason why they wouldn't be willing to host. In what ways are local businesses best compensated for donations? Typical examples are event T-shirts, banners, etc... These don't seem applicable for a golf atmosphere. Any other ideas?
At a meeting last night, I proposed organizing a graduate school golf tournament to raise money for our MBA program. Long story short, I was appointed to organize it and have no idea where to begin. I've not personally played in many tournaments, but I figured this was the best atmosphere to gain some insight. Likely entrants would be students, faculty, and alumni, but the event certainly could be open to the public to increase fundraising potential. As we have no...
The website indicates that the FT Tour has a 1.5 degree open face. The FT iZ has between a square and 1 degree closed face (depending on the loft). The FT iZ is also a bit heavier in terms of swing weight.
While on a small scale it probably is best that the tee is level, I can't imagine that this would do anything in terms of accuracy for a new golfer. If the ball sits on it, the tee drag will be insignificant.
Really? Are your grips made of razorwire? I wear FJ weathersoft gloves and I can usually get 30 rounds out of one plus the range sessions in between. This translates to about 4 months. Even then I can't remember the last time I tore one... They just get nasty and thin so I replace them.
I agree. When I bought mine, I went to demo a bunch of clubs and Mizunos weren't even on my radar. Looking back, I can't imagine purchasing anything else.
Maybe Srixon should introduce camo-colored or green golf balls to further encourage hitting fairways off the tee...
I played a course in cancun and rented clubs from the clubhouse. I chipped in on 1 and on the second green realized they'd given me a lefty putter. I played the 9 out with the back of a blade (karsten style) putter. Shot a 43 if memory serves. Even lagged a 50+ footer to about 8 inches.
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