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Anything near Charlottesville? Richmond?
Bridgstone Golf: dedicated to your game
79 - tied PR; +2/+6 on a par 71. slope was a mere 118 but whatever...it was good day for me
replied - thanks for contest!
playing first hole at a new course - drive went 15 yds right of fairway - approach over water cleared hill beyond backside of green, lying in rough. I had to execute a blind 30 yd flop out of rough, back over the backside hill with about 10ft of green to work with. I hit it perfect, it landed on green, took a little skip, and went in for BIRDIE!
no thanks - but thanks for the offer!
New driver was gift - taken to range twice. Includes head cover. Online prices range from $199-250 + S&H. Pics are online stock photos  
We do several surgeries a year for folks with chronic/refractory tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) that is unresponsive to conservative care (physical therapy, NSAID's, cortisone injections, friction massage, etc). While telrod is correct in that most folks will get better with time and rest, some people do require surgical debridement of unhealthy/decayed tendon fibers as a result of prolonged inflammation. The recovery is fairly quick and almost always gives...
5'7" - I'm a giant
been told "nice lay-up" many times
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