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Couldn't you just have someone record you while you swing?  
I run a PGA Majors pool each year and it's always a crapshoot who wins these majors.   If you guys want to join, it's pretty fun. You pick four golfers prior to each major and the Players.  You try to accumulate as much in earnings over the entire season to cash.  The caveat is that you can only use a player once.   If you're interested, shoot me a PM and I can add you to the distribution.
4-5 figures is way more than I would want to fork over. If I just kept taking payments by check and PayPal, that would cut down the complexity of the design quite a bit? Please keep in mind that I'm a finance guy and a complete web design moron. Thanks for the input so far. Keep em comin'.
So howmuch would we be talking to pay someone to do what I want?
So I've been running this annual Majors pool where each participant picks four golfers per major and total earnings at the end of the year win cash. I anticipate that it will be quite large next year so I want to check into the possibilities of setting up a website to run it. Right now, I just track everything manually through Microsoft Excel. People will email their picks to me and I manually have to enter them into the spreadsheet and email the spreadsheet to...
Someone on the crackberry the whole round.
Anyone else think Notah Begay brings a big bag of nothing to the commentary table on the golf Channel? I remember he came on the scene when all of Tiger's issues were breaking. Did they purposely bring him in for Tiger insider info and now they're just stuck with him? Am I the only one?
I keep all my cards on an excel spreadsheet. For each round, for each hole, I break down my score by the clubs I used for that particular hole. I can then see how many times I hit my driver (or any other club) in a round or how many putts I had. In addition, I also mark if I hit a farway or had a GIR. I have a summary tab that summarizes my average score, driving accuracy %, GIR %, average putts per round, average three puts per round, etc. This has given me great...
Umm, there's other golfers you could watch that aren't that bad...... You can only use that ticket for one of the four days. Doesn't matter which day.
I'll be there Friday through Sunday. If this is your first time at Colonial, make sure you hang out at 13. Oh yeah, try to wear dark tinted shades to take in the scenery without getting caught. :)
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