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As a shorter person (5'3) I am often using cut down putters. After doing allot of looking for putters I've noticed that very few putters actually change head weight. Thus the swing weight for a 35" putter (D2 -recommended) can very greatly from a 33" putter (Now a C0 - way too light). See the link for a great chart on putter swing weight. http://www.ralphmaltby.com/home/267/ I like how the New Scotty Newports have adjustable weights, I just wish there were more...
I recently changed my swing from a bent left arm to a straight left arm at take back and I keep re-pulling my top left thigh muscle. Right where my thigh meets my torso. I pull it when I extend at my finish, but I never use to pull this until I changed to a straight left arm. Go figure. I think I pull harder through the ball now. Anyone have a good stretch or have a similar problem? Thanks.
Call it good timing, but I'm 5'3 . I bought the Adam's A30s Petite ladies set and actually found them too short. I ended up swapping them for the Ladies A30S regular set and found the length to be pretty spot on. My lower back has issues so I find a slightly more upright stance to be beneficial. I would guess that the A30S Ladies set would fit up to 5'6 and maaaybe 5'7 without any issues. Anyone taller would probably find a men's length better.
The Scotty Cameron Newport 2.7 is "nearly face balanced". It basically looks allot like a Yes Tracy. http://www.scottycameron.com/putters...el.aspx?id=361
I did some research on this exact topic. As mentioned, face balanced putters lend themselves to "straight back straight through" strokes. As far as Scotty Cameron putters go the Newport 2.7 has the traditional look of the Newport 2 but is "nearly face-balanced". I went through 5 putters this year and finally settled on the 2.7. Good luck! http://www.scottycameron.com/putters...el.aspx?id=361
I thought I would bump this thread because I had this same "light bulb" moment a few weeks ago. I started putting so much better when I focused more on the line and speed (visualizing the putt going in) and less on the mechanics of the swing. Focusing on "putting down the line" has helped me allot.
I've played the 13 piece A30S set for almost 2 months. Compared to the iron only set you get a gap wedge which I have found surprisingly useful. The driver is actually pretty good and replaced my Taylor Made R5. The only clubs that didn't exceed my expectations were the fairway woods. They were consistently 5-10 yards shorter than my Nike SQ's. Other than that it's a great "bang for your buck" set that won't disappoint.
Thank you! That was exactly the reference I was looking for.
Need a new putter grip? Don't just get a putter grip... get a new lifestyle at the same time! "A sharp Cameron 3 Point Crown in white coyly calls out your putter preference to those watching your stroke. What happens next is a confident motion, loft and lie coming together in perfect symmetry, as you calmly, deftly move the putter face through your arc and send the ball rolling directly into the cup. Simple, right? Yeah, right." Don't forget to pop your collar before...
This was the one I was thinking of downloading but I don't have 3g on my Iphone and no access to wifi on the course so I don't know if I will be able to load the courses up prior to the round. The GPS should work fine as I use the mapquest app allot.
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