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Sure he should pay, that sounds like it was his fault.  But he should only pay the reasonable value of the GPS, not $475 if that's what a new one costs.
Yeah.  It's not shaping up to be a good show because I don't think Fiamma has a prayer.
There were only a few years where I played regularly and I seldom play any more, but I follow the pros.  I watch the majors and at least a handful of other tournaments (like The Players this past weekend).  I watch the LPGA sometimes and I've followed The Big Break for a few years.  I didn't always think so, but golf is good TV unless someone is really running away with the tournament.
I played there a lot when I was stationed at Wright-Patt, when it was called the Kitty course, it was great for the level I was at.  I played Hara Greens occasionally, too, but it got in horrible shape one year and probably never came back.  The 9-hole course on base was good, too, and just a little longer.
When I was starting I had the advantage of having a couple of nice executive courses in the town I was living in.  One par 3 and 4 holes, with the par 4s being up to about 300 yards.  The other was a par 3 course, but the 9th and 18 were par 4s (about 330 and 400 yards, respectively).  About half of the par 3 holes on the second course were over 200 yards, so they played like par 4s (at least!) to the people who played there.  Those two courses were great for a beginner,...
As a really bad golfer I can't say this idea appeals to me because most of the frustration in golf arises as you hack your way down the fairway to get to the green.  Most bad golfers don't putt into the hole anyway, they get to a point they figure is close enough and call it good.  I could see something like this working as a stunt maybe, a promotional event.  At best.
I'm no fan of Mary, but I don't see how two birdies in two holes of the elimination challenge is a tailspin.
In picking the teams and then setting the order for the flop wall, we saw what the girls think is the pecking order.  They thought it was nuts to pick Jackie over Sedena, and Jackie, Sedena, and Tonya were quickly selected for the last wall.  They didn't think it was smart for Mary to go first, and picking Renee last and making her hit first showed they didn't think much of her.
Calvert and K12 are two very rigorous, thorough homeschool programs.  Depending on which state you live in you might be able to enroll for free.
When I was stationed at Wright-Patt I played a lot more than I have since I left there.  I liked the City of Dayton courses a lot, and I agree, all are pretty forgiving for hacks like me.  I think I liked Madden the best.   I liked the courses on base.  I played Hidden Lake 2 or 3 times, not sure why but it didn't really click for me.  I thought it was a little undermaintained and I thought it played harder than it looked.  I liked Cliffside right down the road, though....
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