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As a really bad golfer I can't say this idea appeals to me because most of the frustration in golf arises as you hack your way down the fairway to get to the green.  Most bad golfers don't putt into the hole anyway, they get to a point they figure is close enough and call it good.  I could see something like this working as a stunt maybe, a promotional event.  At best.
I'm no fan of Mary, but I don't see how two birdies in two holes of the elimination challenge is a tailspin.
In picking the teams and then setting the order for the flop wall, we saw what the girls think is the pecking order.  They thought it was nuts to pick Jackie over Sedena, and Jackie, Sedena, and Tonya were quickly selected for the last wall.  They didn't think it was smart for Mary to go first, and picking Renee last and making her hit first showed they didn't think much of her.
Calvert and K12 are two very rigorous, thorough homeschool programs.  Depending on which state you live in you might be able to enroll for free.
When I was stationed at Wright-Patt I played a lot more than I have since I left there.  I liked the City of Dayton courses a lot, and I agree, all are pretty forgiving for hacks like me.  I think I liked Madden the best.   I liked the courses on base.  I played Hidden Lake 2 or 3 times, not sure why but it didn't really click for me.  I thought it was a little undermaintained and I thought it played harder than it looked.  I liked Cliffside right down the road, though....
Jason was lucky to survive elimination day.  Everybody that's still on the show except Chad seems pretty solid so it ought to be interesting from here on.
They kept showing Rob talking about how he's not a team guy, and he really seemed like a jerk.  But when his teammate Matthew blew a the strike challenge to give that team its third strike he sat Matt down, told him not to worry about it and said his career isn't going to be decided by one challenge.  He said that when he knew at most one of them would survive elimination day.  I think in the interview process they get everyone talking for a long time and choose...
  No doubt putting is not her only problem.  But according to her stats she's 51st, in putting and by your admission she's only that high because she misses too many greens.  Being somewhat worse than 51st (and maybe considerably worse) in real putting ability is going to put a very low ceiling on how well she'll ever do on tour. 
The reason it's not fun to play rounds of golf slower than necessary is that the extra time is spent waiting rather than doing what you enjoy (playing).  It's fun to play longer if you PLAY more but not if you WAIT more.   I'm an awful golfer and I play solo most of the time and I can walk 9 in about 1:15 without rushing at all.  If I walk 18 it takes more than double because I get tired and slow down, but it takes about 2:45 if I don't have to wait.   
I play by myself but to avoid waiting for foursomes I play when there aren't many of them around.  Late afternoons on weekends is a good time.
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