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Also because Windows users generally don't buy software very often. There's much more of a return on developing for OS X, as people are used to paying for well-designed software. Erik, are you testing on lower-end hardware? The only Mac I have just now is a first revision MacBook Air. Will there be some sort of demo version to check performance?
Studio Select Newport with custom paintfill: I still feel like I'm going to make every single putt with this in my hands. Can't imagine changing to another putter.
76 (+7) in the October Medal, for a net 59. Probably the winning score. After hurting my shoulder on the 15th, scrabbled home with double, bogey, bogey. Push-draws
Same as for chipping and pitching: the 3 bears approach. I make a practice stroke hard enough to hit the putt to make it halfway there, then one to put it 6 feet past, then my last practice stroke is something in between those. (Then I hit the putt fat.)
38 (+4, 3.1 diff). A bit of practice for tomorrow's competition. A swing thought of "straight right arm" helped a lot.
Here's a quick dumb question: does chipping in for birdie count as a successful up & down? I'm guessing yes, but is that how the PGA count it as well?
Push-draw 2H on a 205-yard par 3, into a 20 yard wind, right at the flagstick, hopped and stopped 12 feet past. Instantly made me forget about going double, bogey, bogey :)
Those of you that use Scorecard (or track the same stats): how are your putting stats? I can't find any averages for amateurs broken down by distance. Mine are at: 0-3 feet: 94.4% 4-6 feet: 43.4% 7-10 feet: 25.0% 11-15 feet: 12.8% 16-20 feet: 3.4% 21-30 feet: 9.6% 31-50 feet: 8.0% 51+ feet: - Seems like the right sort of curve, but I've really got to work on the 4-6 feet ones for sure.
78 (+9) for a 6.6 differential, and my first time below 80. 3 over at the 15th tee, then finished double, quad, birdie, bogey. Oh well.
On the elasticity of a golf ball:
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