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My driver would be more helpful in the lake then in my hands.
A revolving theme for me.......350ish par 4.  there is a pair of bunkers from 200-230 that block most of the fairway.  Heavy wind at my back.  I figure a solid strike will carry with the wind.  Barely catch the ball out on the toe with a open face.  Weak push out the right side of the fairway into the tree's about 190yds downrange.  Horrible shot, and bad course management as I could have hit a 4-5 iron and been in the fairway about the same distance.  Fairway is pretty...
Work has had me all jammed up lately...time for golf has been slim....Got out yesterday and shot 45-41 for a 86.  My driver is just absolutely killing me right now.  I spent a lot of time after after the round working on it.  For some reason I stand up there and me backswing over runs way too much and I get my arms and turn way out of synch.  Its hard to play well when you only have one good drive and one decent drive all day with driver on the course.  The short game and...
You guys are weak......a few weekends ago i hit a push fade with a 5 iron that started probably 20 degrees right and just kept going right.....it was on a par 3. I was about 10yds short of the front of the green and about 70yds right of the green. Naturally i hit a 3/4 sand wedge from there to about 10ft and made the putt for a par....routine par. I have hooked drivers at least 100yds off line before.........
Check out the above mentioned thread.  Look at your stance, ball position and secondary tilt.
Coming back to the topic at hand....I have always loved mizuno MP irons.  Not sure exactly why.  Something about the look and feel of them I have always liked.  If I didn't run into a bargain that I couldn't walk away from with my current irons I would be playing a MP iron most likely...   Having said that I am not sure about the looks of these....But it is hard to really tell without seeing them in person. 
Congrats and good luck to everybody that is going.  I hope that you all have a great time!!!!!!  And go WEST
One sentence.......My full swing sucks.
It does become interesting....There is a pretty large list of guys that have fairly similar stats...1-2 Majors, 10-20 wins total, usually in pretty long careers.  It kind of becomes a question of whether it is the hall of elite or the hall of very good for a long time...I actually like Zach Johnson.  And I think that if he gets to 15+ wins or another major he will be in.......Just not sure if that SHOULD be enough.     I do wish it was a little more lofty on the...
  I am in desperate need of some new golf shoes...There is not a lot left of my older True Tours that I have.  And with my size(13), I can never find pre 2014 shoes anywhere it seems...I can't wear the 2014, too narrow.  Rumor is that the motions fit more like pre 14 true shoes and I got a email saying they are on sale now.  Any thoughts on how they compare to the older true shoes?
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