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If I join a private course , is there a real advantage for my grandson?  I'm not sure exactly what they offer but I would like for him to have some perks I did not growing up.  Especially with accessability to a course and maybe instruction.  He is only 2 at this time but trying to think ahead.   I normally like to play many different courses but would basically play one if I thought he would benefit.   What are your thoughts...?
80 to 105 with my Vokey 56, 3/4 to full swing   205 with my 5 wood, dead on.
I've been going to stores and hitting different irons for the past month.  I knew I had a bonus coming from work and wanted to step it up a notch.  It's funny how first I just plain liked them for the way they look.  Then I hit them like it was an iron I've hit my whole life.  Just was smooth all the way through.   The set of irons.....Titleist CB712.   No more excuses...time for me to step it up.   Just had to tell someone....thanks for listening.
I'm looking for a 7 iron to complete my set.  I just bought a set of DCI 962 Titliest irons at a flea market for $40.  It doesn't have to be excellent condition but needs to be at least good.   Just send me a PM or email.   Thanks
Yes I have.  Thanks for posting, I feel much better now!!   How about when your cart (trolley) rolls off the tee box down the hill into the street and all your clubs spill out............
I played a 9 hole course one day with a friend of mine.  He laid up short of a creek(ditch) which had an arched stone bridge as the walkway.  He skulled his shot, it hit the bridge and came back at him and hit him right between the legs.  He screamed like a little girl and fell in slow motion to his side.  When he got up he picked up his bag and threw them in the creek.  He walked away and as far as I know has never played golf again.    Now that right there was...
No, I atually hit these clubs well.  I practice a lot.  I hit my short irons every day, from about 135 and in.  I live out in the country.  All I have to do is hit over the soybeans. lol   Maybe lessons are the next step. One lesson wouldn't be bad (cost wise), but most places I've checked with want you to take at least 3 and that will cost some change.  I know, you only get out what you put in.   Maybe a winter project.  I'll ask Santa Claus.  
Bottom line is I just want to play better.  If keeping my clubs and doing somethinge else will help, I'll do it.  Maybe a couple of lessons. Believe I've been back plying for 3 years and since I last played in the 80's there has been some real changes.  One way for me to learn is to ask questions on here. You can teach an old dog new tricks.............lol   CHEERS.....(does it mean the same from a redneck?)
So what are you saying?  My clubs are as good as it gets or as good as I'll ever get.  As far as levels go, there is everything from SGI to Blades.  I don't know enough about them so I am asking on here to more knowledgeable people than I am.  I don't have to justify buying new clubs, if I just want to buy some clubs I'll go by the most expensive tour blades.    I am just trying to play better golf.
I'm not sure what would be considered better clubs than what I play.  Are mine SGI or GI irons and what would be the next step up.  Are R7's truely better than what I have?  This is where I get confused.  There are a lot of clubs on the market.
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