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I have made it down to about an 11 handicap.  3 years back.  I currently hit the Hogan BH-5's and want to go to the next step.  I am looking for suggestions for a new/used iron set.  I am not opposed to pre-owned.  What would be a better set of irons for me.  I have found some deals on Taylormade R7's.  How much better are these than what I hit?  I am not partial to any particular company.  Just what I hit well.  I can go to Golfsmith and hit a bunch of different irons. ...
Steve, I'll take them.  But don't ship them to me. lol   Will you take cash?
You definitely get to hit different shots and different clubs when playing from the tips. I've also played from the most forward tees.  Again you're hitting a comletely different club than what you are use to.  Playing from the back, I did not have to worry about the fairway bunkers.  For me they were unreachable. lol   I had a blast playing from the tips but probably won't do this again for a long while.
I'm about a 14.5 handicap and not a long ball hitter.  Normally will play from the forward tees or the middle.  Yesterday a friend and I decided to play from the tips.  I have never done this before, ever.  I can tell you the course looks different from way back there.  The course I played was 6743 yds long, Slope 131 and rating is 73.1.   I shot a 94, 46 on the front and 48 on the back.  I actually played well but caught myself trying to drive the ball a little...
Well, I'm pulling for Russell.  I think it's good to know the backgrounds but I believe all that will fade away as the weeks progress.  I think the meek kid whose momma worked seven jobs or whatever may be the sleeper.
Zach Johnson, Dustin Johnson or Ernie Els  Zach has to start playing better and he plays this course well.
Just played in a scramble at Mirimichi, Justin Timberlakes course.   Hole number 6) Par 5 and our third shot was 147 dead in the wind about 14 mph slightly uphill.  I hit a 6 iron right over a bunker, hit the edge of the green and rolled to 2" from the cup.   Hole number 5) Short Par 4.  My buddy hit a drive dead center of the fairway about 280.  We had 94 yds to the cup.  Everybody missed right off the green.  I can hit my 56 about 85 but we had a slight breeze...
If we can't laugh at ourselves we'll probably go around mad all day.   Cici, That's a joke son, a joke.  I am not only from the south, that would be south in these here United States, but also grew up way out in the country.  So yeah, I may talk a little funny too.   Try this: I'm fixin to go to work, so y'all have a goodun.
Cici, you ain't from around here are you?
What is the average miss of the green from 200 compared to 160?  That green is pretty small to me at 200. I'll take my chances.....
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