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Thanks for the tips. I will move the ball back and try this.  If I can I will video my swing now and post. Thanks again.
I've always hit the ball high off the tee. I am averaging about 235 on my drives either straight or with a draw.  But I feel I am losing some distance with the high shot.  It seems to just die.  I play a Taylormade 10.5 Burner with the ball slightly off my left heel.  The question is if I start moving the ball back in my stance will I hit more down on the ball or more level to drive the ball more?  I played Saturday and hit 11 of 14 fairways so I don;t want to mess up...
I enjoy the energy and I am always looking for a tip to help me with something I am working on.  Is there ever a time when we are not trying to fix something??
I've actually seen number 1.  My friend did this and NEVER played the game again. lol
I haven't found anything I hit better than the 07 Burner.  I guess it might make a difference if I was a long knocker, but I average about 235.  The 07 Burner is the most accurate and longest club I've hit.
Yes, it is horrible.
  1) I'm better but not there yet. 2) yes, at least 75% if not more.  I can tell the difference. 3) No, didn't do this at all. 4) Mid 80's to high 80's  not there yet. 
One of these days..........
I wasn't able to get on the internet this weekend and now I see we're on the move raising money.  Yeehawwwww.  What do you think, a bake sale or something?  maybe sale our old putters, I've got a stack of them in a corner.   Let's see....25 putters at 25 a piece, carry the one  add a naught....I don't think I can get there!!
What if we pooled our money.  It could be owned by "SAND TRAP ENTERPRISES"  I'll throw a hundred in.
New Posts  All Forums: