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Well, I can honestly say that I thpught I was the best second baseman in the world as a teenager. My idol was Nellie Fox, yes I'm old. I tried out for the New York Mets at one of their camps, and I gotta tell you, there were plenty of players that were much better than me. Nobody practiced more than me or played more ball than I did back then. That is when I realized there is a huge difference between me and the guy's who could really play. I had a rifle for an arm,...
Well, I can relate. I am in a funk with the driver. I'm playing military golf, right, then left, then right. I think it is what TN94z said. I've got too much going on in an otherwise empty head. I'm about to take a break then I will get some lessons to have something to work on over the winter.
Do you know of a practice method to stay connected? Thanks for the feedback.
Kinda what Allin said. When I am walking up to the green I start looking at my ball and the green. Most of the time you can really see the slope and breaks before you walk on the green. This has helped me the most here of late.
It is what it is. I try to draw the ball most of the time and it works but on this particular swing I hit it straight down the middle. Comments...
I played Mirimichi Tuesday. Justin Timberlake's course. A very beautiful course, a very tough course. I played from the blues, 74.5 Rating 136 Slope, 7019 yds. I got to say it was a little too long for me. I'm not used to my second shot always being between 180 and 230. I shot a 48 on the front and a 47 on the back. I had a few shots at par but it was tough. I was pretty happy with my score. If anyone gets the chance you need to play it. It cost $59 during...
I will be playing in the 2010 Senior Publinks Championship at Fox Meadows in Memphis. This will be Thursday and Friday. I don't expect to win but I do expect to play well. About 125 players have entered. My goal is to shoot in the 70's (around 78). I feel pretty good about it.....
In May I was a 20.1. I am now a 15.5. I am playing much better and feel better about my game.
Back in the 80's I use to play raquetball a lot and was waiting for my brother in law to show up for a game. Some guy tapped on the door and asked if I wanted to play a couple of games to warm up. I said sure. We played three games and I scored 2 points. It was Andy Roberts.
Well I took the leap and will play in the Publinks this year. Pretty excited about this. I am playing better every time out. I started out this year with about a 20 HC and have worked it down to a 15.7. I like my chances. Anyone played in one of these before? What should I expect?
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