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We decided to walk a round last week at one of the shorter courses. Only the second time I've walked this year. Started at 8:30 and by the back 9 it was a smooth 100 degrees. I shot a 41 on the front but was completely give out by number 15. I had a pretty good round going than double, double, double. I shot a 44. I was done....
Chickasaw Golf course in Henderson? I played it a couple of months ago. The greens were a little rough but not bad. I like the layout a lot, but absolutely hate the bugs.
Yes, I usually only hit the PROV1 on Par 3's. But lately I have been hitting the driver as my best club. Now if I could just hit the green in reg. Yes, we Tennesseans will volunteer for anything..........
I played yesterday and I have been hitting my drives better than ever. A few weeks ago I had my swing clocked at 94. I'm ok with that, after all I am an old dude. lol This is what I noticed yesterday. I hit the cheaper balls as far as more expensive balls and I don't mean Walmart Nitros or Top Flight Rocks but balls like Slazengers, Dunlop DDH, Pinnacle. Mostly balls I find on the course. I buy the NXT TOUR and think I hit it best. Again they all average about the...
I would have told him "I'll put us on the clock". I believe they even do this to the pro's. It takes about 12 minutes to play a Par 4. If you speed up play there should be no reason for the marshall to come back to you. As long as you catch up to the group in front you should be ok.
I used to be like that and let it get to me. Now that I'm a little older I don't really care what anyone shoots but me. If we're in a tournament, I'll call them on it every time but otherwise the heck with them. Usually after I ask someone what they got on that hole, I just say "really". Then they go off trying to justify their score and I feel pretty good after that.
I use my 56 for just about everthing.
Being we're from the same area. I wish him well and I believe he is on a mission.
Not one mention of Rose??? He is on a tear and I look for him to be the one to beat. MHO
I know I could score better and have a better handicap if I played the same course more often. But I enjoy playing different courses and especially ones I have never played or I don't get to play very much. What are your thought on this? Should I at least once a week play the same course or just keep doing what I am doing?
New Posts  All Forums: