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Yes, I have one of those. Glen Eagle in Millinton Tn. I absolutely love this course but it hates me. It's not that hard but I can't do it. I've shot 103, 95 and 97. I should shoot in the upper 80's. It's a great course.
I used to slice but worked it out and started drawing the ball. Now, I'm actually swinging slightly harder at the ball and I hit it straight or a very slight fade. As long as I am in the fairway, I'm pretty happy.
Welcome to the site. I'm from Mason.
I like the Titleist NXT Tour. Swing speed? Slice? Hook?
I played Glen Eagle yesterday in Millington. This was a tournament round for me. Yes, it was hot, 100degrees when we teed off. I shot a 95, . 6 of 14 fairways hit. 0 greens in regulation. This is what i call, "BAD UGLY". I blocked right and pulled left. I usually draw the ball on all my irons but hit most of them dead right! I know we all have these days but, come on!!! One of my favorite holes there is a 157 yd Par 3 over the water. I have never been in the water...
They will never learn unless they are in it. Good job. This helps build plenty of patience for you. LOL
PW = 46 about 115 yds GW = 52 about 105 yds SW = 56 about 85 yds LW = 60 about 70 yds I very seldom hit the 60. The 56 is my go to club around the green and most bunkers.
I think it was $75 last year. They changed a couple of holes this year to make them easier plus they had part of it flood from the spring rain. Just as a side note. The Adams rep was a super nice guy. He worked with my nephew for awhile on his swing.
I adopted a different policy this year. If I can at least drive to the 150 marker, I hit my 3 metal. It has paid off. My scoring has really improved.
Yes, it is his. I haven't got to play it yet. It's been closed and will reopen in Sept. But from the looks, it's tough.
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