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I took my nephew to the demo day and let him hit all the new drivers and irons he could get his hands on. We really had a blast except for the heat. Again about 95 degrees at 11 in the morning. He really liked the Adams Speedline 9.5 with Matrix Osix shaft. I told him to save his money and he would have it soon. They had a launch meter to check swing speed set up at the Cleveland booth. Before we hit I told him I thought I would have about a 85 to 90 swing speed. ...
I do hit the 5 wood higher. And just maybe it is my best club to hit. I got a Dicks Sporting Goods gift certificate for my birthday and just might spend it on the launch simulator. It's funny the things you start to notice when you play better golf. Thanks for the reply's.
I hit my G2 3 wood about 215.(14 degree) I hit my G2 5 wood about 210.(17 degree) This makes no sense to me whatsoever that I hit a 5 wood that far. Or why don't I hit the 3 wood farther? My drives are normally 225 to 235 with a 10.5 loft Burner. I just don't get it. Disclaimers: These distances are guestimates and may be + or - 5 yds. This is also using the golf course yardage markers which may be off + or - 10 yds.
Memphis Area Golf Adventure Let's start with the course review. River Bend Links 1205 Nine Lakes Dr. Tunica Resorts, Ms 38664 Phone: 888-539-9990 Yardage: Blackjack 6923 Rating 72.6 Slope 128 The Gambler 6462 Rating 70.7 Slope 121 Cost – Monday thru Thursday $45.00 before 2:00PM $30.00 twilight rate after 2:00 PM. $30.00 Seniors 55+ Friday thru Sunday & Holidays $55.00 before 2:00PM $35.00 twilight rate after 2:00PM $30.00 Seniors 55+ (Sunday...
No, I don't mean that at all. If I tee off with an NXT, I use that for the entire hole. When I get to a par 3, I hit the ProV1 and use it only on that hole.
I play a Titleist NXT Tour. But when I am on a Par 3 I switch out to a ProV1. Does it really matter if the swing remains the same as to what ball is being used? The ProV1 will stop dead in it's tracks or row about a foot past where it hits. Does it make a difference?
I also use this drill. I think it really helps me if I do this waiting for my turn to tee off. Now, if I can just maintain focus!
I am also am coming back after a 20 year layoff. I never add my score but my buddies started ragging on me some. That's ok, as long as I beat them. I do believe that the more you play well, the more you'll play well. I still have a problem with losing focus. That is something I really have to work on. Thanks for the replies.
I am about a 20 handicap but feel like I'm getting better every day. I played River Bend Links in Tunica Ms. today and I was 1 under after 6 holes. I know that don't sound like much to some but I was in the zone. Drive was in the middle of the fairway with a nice draw. Then my second shot was on the green and I had a shot at birdie. Anyway I was pretty excited about playing this well. I wound up shooting an 86, which is the best of the year for me. This was the...
He went to Dick's and bought a full set of walter Hagen clubs.The pro at the store helped him andchecked the fit for him and made some minor adjustments. We're going to play after church tomorrow.
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