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Question...My nephew wants to start playing and wants to buy his own clubs. He has never played before but is a great athelete. 6ft and 180 lbs at 17 but will grow much more soon. His dad is 6'4" and 280. I'm looking for suggestions on the type of clubs he should use. He found a complete set of Walter Hagen at Dick's for 199. He is scheduled for some lessons. Your thoughts....thanks
Easy for me to say but hard for me to do......if you're in trouble don't try to make it happen. Take the out. Good luck, you do know everybody cheats in a scramble. ;)
Memphis Area Golf Adventure Let's start with the course review. Chickasaw Golf Course 9555 State Route 100 Henderson, Tn. Phone: 731-989-4700 Yardage: Gold 7118 Rating 75.1 Slope 135 Blue 6501 Rating 71.9 Slope 130 White 6030 Rating 69.7 Slope 126 Cost – Weekday w/ Cart $40.00 Weekend w/Cart $50.00 Watch for specials, we played Saturday twilight for $29.00. WOW, what a beautiful course. Designed by Jack Nicklaus, it is tough but almost...
Memphis Area Golf Adventure Let's start with the course review. Davy Crocket Memphis Tn. Phone: 901-358-3375 Yardage: Gold 6752 Rating 68.5 Slope 118 Blue 6264 Rating 67.2 Slope 114 White 5582 Rating 68.4 Slope 111 Cost – Weekday w/ Cart $28.00 Way too much for this course. It’s been over 20 years since I played this course and now I remember why I stopped. It just never in very good shape. Tee Boxes – The tee boxes are set up well. We...
Well I try not to have a divot on my drives......LOL
I did a search for this and really didn't find anything. After a drive, does it matter which direction a tee goes? I noticed mine almost always goes to the right or forward to the right. What does this indicate about my drives? Does it really matter? I used the old fashion wooden tee. Thanks
For me, it's all about losing focus. I get in a hurry. Relax and breathe.............
I was fortunate enough to play this course also. 137 yd and I hit it about 10 ft to the left of the flag and it never stopped. Right off the back. Second ball hit the green and landed on the walkway. I like the train wrecks here. I can relate!!
I blocked the ball right on the drive and had to go under the trees to an elevated green. Sand on the front right and I am not a sand player. Took a 4 iron and hit a low cut and landed on the left side of the green in the fringe. This was on number 18 and that saved the day.
My driving has been outstanding this year. The best part of my game. Not particularly long compared to some but always around the 150 marker on most par 4's. I'm normally a 220 to 225 hitter. Either straight or slight draw this year. This is what I worked on all last year and now it has paid off. The old saying "Drive for show and putt for dough" is true. If I can't get there from 150 and in, I struggle. Putting, Every first putt is short and below the hole. I...
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