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from the title I thought you ball landed on another tee - the little wooden kind.  
I was in "fun" tournament once where we had a fairly hefty calcata (avrg $700 per player), a massive rain storm came in and we had puddles all over the greens, but they would not shut down the tournament. Sure as hell we chipped and flopped form the green to get over the puddles and shook our heads each time    
Yes they are all real Foley quotes - the article though is April fools  
  3-4 as I like to travel light. If I loose one or two I grab some more at the turn. I never yet lost all my balls but I am sure I could borrow one, or I always find a few while playing even if I loose my own. In a tournament I carry a few more as I can't swap in a different ball.  
For me, my "Dream ace" would be from an elevated tee between 150 and 165 yards with an 8 or 7 iron. Nice draw that releases a few feet into the hole. Long so that it feels like long shot, short enough that i can see it. Luckily this is a pretty common par 3 length and I have two that fit this description at my home course.
Yes you should give up.
I was at a golf tournament a few years back and I can't recall how "the rule" came up, maybe someone hit a duff short of the tees, but someone in our group joked about "the rule" in the presence of two female volunteers. These were younger ladies that worked for me so when they asked what "the rule" was I passed on telling them, as I tend not to make off colour jokes/comments like that to employees. I said something like "you don't want to know" and every one in our...
Few smiles, no laughs yet.  
Might be your chance to learn to do your own work!  With Epoxy, Ferrules, Grips, Grip Tape, solvent, heat gun and a hack saw you can do all the work you need except loft and lie changes. You would save a tonne of money and most of us that do our own basic work find it very rewarding.
New Posts  All Forums: