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I think its one twice more tonight. Not really a fan of the guy Kelly. Pumping his tires about how the hundreds of long drive challanges he won, and about having the up and down flop shot before Phil. Seems like it will be an interesting season, and some of the ladies are nice to look at
None in Madison, but I may drive to the Milwaukee area to check out their stores if they're having sales.
Ping G5 Driver
Congrats on the first Scotty, watch out its addictive.
I haven't had too much success with eBay. Today I found a decent TeI3 Newport at a local golf shop priced at $125, but I was able to get them to sell it to me for $100. I'll probably eventually send it in for Restoration, but thats $175 on the TeI3 so I'll probably wait a little while. I also post on http://www.cameroncollector.com and thats where I've learned a lot about the world of collecting Cameron's. Good Luck in your hunt
I should be getting my Circa '62 #3 any day now. I'll post a reply after I get it on my thoughts. I've also heard about the need to care for the putter. As long as you do that I'm sure it will be fine.
I'd love to say Wisconsin, but I think I might get laughed off this board. If I had to pick someone I'd say Ohio State. For 1 they're in the Big Ten, and 2 they don't have to play the Badgers so they'll probably end the the season undefeated.
If I had to pick one guy to win I'd pick Jerry Kelly. Being a Madison guy, and former hockey player there is no one other than Kelly that I can cheer for. Probably mostly because he's from my town, but also because of the way he plays. He wears his emotions on his sleeve. I loved watching him try to catch Pavin in the US Bank Championship, he gave it his all, too bad he can't putt. I think the US team could have used someone like Jerry, too bad he didn't make the...
I have a 9ft long roll out green, which I haven't been overly excited about. Do most people just putt on their living room carpet or something more sophisticated?
I carry 4 wedges right now, used to be 5 till I wondered why my bag was so heavy. They are: PW - Nicklaus EZ-UP 52 - Cleveland CG-10 56 - Cleveland CG-11 60 - Cleveland CG-11 Since adding in the 56 and 60 degree wedges I have been much better around the greens.
New Posts  All Forums: