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I play the g10s and are great autopilot irons, long as the ball lands on the face you'd be in pretty good shape. I would not replace your wedges though because you need that sole to work around the green. Doing a lot of the wedge shots with soles that big is very difficult to say the least.
Most modern wedges have similiar spins, I just prefer vokeys because of the sole grind, look, and feel of them. For some reason I can spin them more, probably through making better contact. I hate the look of cleveland wedges also.
Just over the past 2 weeks lately I've developed some serious side spin. I didn't change up my ball, I either use DT SoLos or NXT Tours depending on what I pull out of my bag. I can square them and send the ball perfectly straight and high, but when they land they roll back maybe 1-3 feet(more on the 52) but move 3-4 left or right (25% left, 75% right) It doesn't have to do with the break of the green as its consistent across all holes. I'm not really pulling or...
Golf is about 90% confidence, its more about what you're comfortable with when you step up to the plate. My confidence comes from vokeys.. has been ever since I've played. You set it down and just expect it land exactly like you want to with the silky smooth feel. And if you cant stop a vokey on a dime then you're probably hitting rocks instead of golf balls.
Why do people think these pay way too much for anything? Because they like them, it fits there game, and it gives them confidence. Nothing more needed, I hate the soft feel of odysseys. Yet I love the high toe, aircraft aluminum insert, and feel of my scotty cameron.
my 52 I've had for over a year still continues to shred my DT solos like its it's job... luckily titleist has a cutproof guarentee where I can send it in and get a free sleeve. http://www.titleist.com/customerserv...sp?faqid=64566
I must say I'm biased because I'm addicted to big long clubs, but I would really give the G15 a whirl if you like long and straight. Few quotes from golf digest (where its the performance leader) It looks so traditional, yet plays not so traditional. I switched from a Nike Dymo2 to a Ping G15 late last season and picked up 35 yards (also because of custom fitting, but I'm sure the head didn't hurt)
sold the club today, please lock
sold this to a buddy today, I picked up a G15 4 wood today also. Thanks, please lock.
For sale is my Titleist 909H hybrid. Its lofted for somewhere about 2-3 iron area. I find it very forgiving and incredible out of the rough. It has a low, boring, penetrating trajectory. I'm selling it because I'm mixing up the lofts on my set. It has literally no scratches on it. The only wear is natural wear and tear on the face, which you can barely tell as see in the pictures. It comes with the headcover, stock shaft (diamana blueboard regular flex, 80g) stock grip,...
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