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I really like my TE Geomax hybrids. Great quality sticks that have a nice feel to them.
The Players championship should be a major. Ahead of the PGA in my opinion. Playoffs still haven't caught on well enough to be a Major. Maybe never will.
I don't much care how a person plays as long as there's no $$ involved. Their only cheating themselves if they play slop golf any other time.
I polish my irons from time to time. They are stainless but a good polishing with Mothers metal polish makes them look nearly new. Great way to keep your irons nice looking. Helps keep the value up also. I also wax the painted surface on my driver and hybrids. I'm not anal about it but I do keep them looking nice.
It may be that these guys slipped in while the marshal wasn't around. That happens to our Monday outing some times.
Yep....you're just grumpy. Life is to short to worry about the small stuff.
It may have been a bit boring, but watching Louie work his magic Sunday more than made up for it.
Hey James...you ever get to go see an open? I'd love to be able to go to one. Love watching links golf!
Montgomerie did a great job while commentating this weekend. I don't care for the guy in some ways but think he would make a great TV guy.
Looks like he's putting as poorly as with the Nike to me. We'll see the Nike in the bag again soon.
New Posts  All Forums: