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You've put a pic of the Sydney Opera House with the Presidents Cup, it's in Melbourne. Would be like putting a pic of the cup and the Statue of Liberty when it was held in San Francisco.
I think those are more likely to be real than fake, if they are fake they are exceptional. Only thing that raises an alarm bell is the shafts have no labels, but some people take them off, I do.   The ferrules look right, there isnt glue all over the place. The serial numbers on the wedges are in a slightly different place than mine, my MP-T10 serials are just slightly more around the ferrule. I don't think serial numbers are proof of authenticity, people can make...
Thanks for the heads up, is 360 the price if he makes a putter that's different from whats on the website? I'd love a scotty squareback that's a bit bigger, I love mine but it's not a very forgiving putter. My bad puts are always on the heel.
I'm scared to ask, how much? Would love to get a putter made exactly the way I want.
Do it, I cut my Rapture V2 down to 44.25. Best thing I've ever done, Does make a touch lighter, but you will make much better contact and hit more fairways. I've just added some lead tape to get the swingweight back.
Buy the demo or a used set, clones are made with crap metal, 2 rounds in they can fall apart, the shafts are likely to be poorly made as well. I can't see any reason for buying clones. No re-sale value, more than likely to break, dodgy shafts. Can anyone come up with a positive for buying clones? For the amount you will spend you can get a used set in good condition g10's.
Get the lofts checked, they are forged so may have shifted over the season. Mizuno are pretty good with specs out of the factory, I've got MP-60s and they were all spot on, the previous irons I had were titleists and I used to hit my 9 and PW almost the same distance, got them checked and turns out the PW was 2* strong and 9 1* weak.
Argh! I wish I was there to heckle, not one part of that presentation is new. Different kick points in each shaft for each club? Really?????? New technology???? Please, how stupid do you think people are? Thin face? That's fine as long as you get it out of the middle, if you don't, you are worse off. Technology has been maxed out in every part of the game, in most cases it will be wound back in the net few years, so his whole presentation about moving forward at a...
They should be 48, but only clubs designed for low handicaps are 47 or 48, most game improvement sets won't have a PW greater than 45, just so they can say they are the longest irons ever! If I made a set with a 36 deg PW I could sell them as the longest clubs ever, 20 deg is only a small gap to your SW......
Start hitting the ball left handed, much fewer fakes! At least that tourgolfclubs admits they are clones, it's the arseholes who pass things off as real that are the problem.
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