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My advice..don't get fitted until you have a decent game goin' for you (i.e. single dig handicap). Most irons are one size fit all except for really tall or short people. It's just a big hassel and if you change setup or posture you may be in trouble. So i mean it is a personal choice and more power to you if you do.
Hey guys just looking around to see what the best tournaments you guys know of that are out there that are up and coming in California's Central Coast area?
Wow you obviously haven't tried them. They are in no way pieces of crap. The are toe weighted and that helps you with mishit shots. But I agree they are overpriced. But the Odyssey Black Series are around the same price. It's all preferance.
Wow sounds odd. The only thing different between wii and reality is tempo. You should work on that. It's most likely the reason for your mistakes.
I went from a 7.6 in feburary '09 to a 3.0 as of now. Havent played much so I can't really drop strokes. Practicing everyday though.
Well I played with some friends who know not their 5 iron from a wedge but I managed to stay concentrated on my game. Shot even on the front (37, 3 birds, 3 boges) and 1 over on the back (35 with 1 boge) for a 73. Very pleased.
Taylormade woods and hybrid (easier to hit and more accurate I feel). But everything else titleist. I love their irons, wedges, balls, and especially putters. I would also want Under Armor for clothing. And I like the Hooters idea too
Ok I agree on the selection available to buy from any pro shop, but they can be ordered from the manufacturer. And if all else fails order one from the custom scotty shop.
Okay. Since I am a tournament oriented player I would say use the olds ones until I got used to the new ones just as if you changed your swing or grip. If it is just for fun, then go all out on those new clubs. Have fun and they should work out for you. Let us all know how they work out.
Ok here is the simple fix. Close the club face at address and take the same normal swing. If you want to go more technical, on the take away, take the club on a flatter plane and swing out to the right while keeping your right elbow close to your body until you hit the ball. This allows you to keep yourself from coming over the top and creating a terrible slice. This should allow you to hit that draw. If all else fails buy a draw weighted club :D
New Posts  All Forums: