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Played a short dog leg par 5 where the green is offset to make the hole kind of "S" shaped. Hit a solid drive. Pulled 7I and hit the shot I envisaged which flew high and carried some tall trees to the green for my first eagle putt in I don't know how long.   Hit that 7I just how I imagined. Very satisfying to execute on something with a degree of risk. Led to one of my infrequent birdies so that was nice.
 I think picking the ball you like best off your putter and sticking with that one ball is solid advice for us slower swingers/higher handicaps. I like and have played e6 a lot. I can still slice or snap hook 'em in the bush with my swing. They check up fine on full swing shots on the courses I play. Conversely they roll out a mile with my technique on the short stuff. If I use my head and play with that in mind (ie leave a full short iron/wedge to the green where possible...
I'm running with from when I pull the club from the bag and dropped myself in the 11-20 bracket.   Step behind the ball and get my target line, check my grip. maybe have a little 1/4 swing swoosh on the grass if they haven't been coming out great.   Walk around to address the ball. Double check club face is where I want it, offer up a small prayer and pull the trigger.
I had a good meltdown myself one time. I was all primed for a big 2 day tournament. Hooked the ball uncontrollably all day...and was really just simmering the whole way around after the first few holes.   By the time I hit me tee shot on the 13th to the left rough, hooked my second over onto the 14th fairway and almost killed the group on the 14th tee with my hooking third, that thankfully carried the tee, I saw red and gave my bag a great thump with the traitorous...
I've come to terms with most of my failures off the tee and from the fairway rough.   The one that really upsets me is wasting a good GIR, say inside 20', with a first putt that leaves you with with 6'+ to try and save your par.   
Congrats Mac.   I triple bogeyed 18 to card a 90. One stroke less and I would have had my best round for a fair while and on a course I've not played before too.   Really good ball striking day (bar the 18th tee! ) but left a few out there with poor pitching and a handful of three putts.
I went 82 holes with a Bridgey e6+ one time. I'd like to say it was because I played exceptionally well but it was just a ball that seemed to always sit out in the open whenever I was wayward. Finally was lost when I hit it off the golf course on a hole close to the boundary fence.
  I must have been to K-troop school for midcappers.   12* Driver - 18* FW - 23*H - 26*H - 6I-LW   When I'm being brutally honest with myself going for the green with anything longer than my 26*H (~185Y) is getting into very risky territory for a major mishit.   I think a couple of hybrids to replace the long irons works well for higher handicaps. I hit them much more consistently than the irons they replaced and the hot faces really help for hitting those little runners...
Adam Scott might throw his hat in the ring I reckon. Saturday was ugly for him on the last few holes but he ranged from exceptional to solid for the balance of the Cadillac.   He'll be hungry too!   Rory has to go in as favourite for mine
I went to a 12* from a 10.5* degree driver with the same shaft. I hit the ball with a considerable bit more carry with the 12*.   Total length favours the 10.5* driver as it will run further in the right conditions but average distance goes to the 12* handily.
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