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Supposedly, new MacBook Pro is expected to come out later (summer/fall) of this year.If you can't wait, I would say go with MBP 512 GB SSD should be plenty, if you don't store too much on your HD. As for the amount of memory, like @iacas says, DON"T go with 4. At minimum you want 8.
Sad to say, put a fork in Tiger. He's done.
Ugh! Looks like SB wins on Sunday over WM Open.
I think NY missed the big storm.Boston on the other hand...
with that much of head drop, I would be hitting it fat most of the time.   Looks cold in Phoenix...   I am hoping Tiger wins or at least contends on Sunday to make it interesting.  If he misses the cut, I won't be watching on the weekend.
Yes.  I use it >95% of the time.  I use courses own website, but I think it's run by "Quick18" or something like that.
This is so true.I run 5-7 miles a day, the first mile is always the hardest.  More often than not, I feel like quitting during that first mile - even after having been running for the last 15 years or so.  But once I am over that first mile, it feels like I can go on forever. Gotta get to that "runner's high" - that is the hardest part.
LOL!!!Oh how I wish that was true. I'd be raking in cash left and right and wouldn't have to work then. Unfortunately - or fortunately depending on how you look at it - there is commerce besides tourism in Hawaii.
All these delicious looking good is driving me nuts as I'm in a lean cut phase. Bread and pastries are my ultimate nemesis in diet.
I wonder if Honolulu is going to file a slander lawsuit?  Seems their tourist destination reputation has been trashed by all this.
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