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On Sunday played at Fossil Trace GC from the tips (~6800 yds). Shot 42 + 38 = 80.   Driver needs a time-out as it was not behaving well.  Thank goodness my irons bailed me out to make up for the mess the driver made on some of the holes.  On 18, one of the rare times yesterday, I hit a good drive down the right side of the fairway, left myself 170 to the pin on a par 5 finishing hole.  Hit 9 iron to 10 feet, but missed eagle putt and had to settle for birdie.   I also...
Thanks for the link and the reminder, Mike. I have seen Key #1 and have been told many times over the years to keep head steady.What I didn't realize was the principal behind keeping head steady--i.e., swing plane bottoming out.
I think that was the biggest help for me as well and the fact that you need to avoid moving your upper body side-to-side BEFORE impact.
Shoot, that's nothing. I can go from shooting in the mid- to high 70's and then BAM!!! out of nowhere I would shoot in the 90's.   I think I am just coming out of the slump I was in for a few weeks, thank goodness!!!
Cohiba Monte cristo and Padron 1964 anniversary Recently tried Dunhill Aged - not as good as the three above.
Just received my Callaway X2 3-wood... (why does the box say "preowned"?)   I can't wait to try it out this weekend. I will write up a review within the next couple of weeks.    
He did have a normal swing. I don't know what the actual story is on why he developed that hitch on his swing. At one time, I heard that an instructor told him to pause briefly at the top of his swing before commencing downswing, and that's how he developed that hitch. If that's true, that instructor should have his teaching certificate revoked.
Yes, I did try that out.  A little awkward at first, but I got the hang of it after a few shots. Surprisingly, it worked!   Now I need to take to the course this weekend. We'll see how that goes.
I don't have 2-iron, so my longest iron (see my signature below) is 3 iron, which I hit around 230 yds.
Disclaimer: I have no idea whether this is true or not, but ... For that matter, someone already may have uploaded this video on TST.  But I couldn't find it on my cursory search.   I ran across this YouTube video today.  It is an interesting discussion on why many are suffering from inconsistent driver swing.  This may explain why sometimes my driver swing goes south.   I have to try this on the range today...  
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