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I am speechless at some of the expectations that people have.   Everyone I know prefers grass over matts and no one that I know expect a driving range to provide you with tees. I am surprised you didn't expect driving range to give you a free bucket of balls too.
Schizophrenic Round. Few good holes followed by a blow up hole. Repeat.
I got paired up with a threesome a few days ago and after three or four lip outs putts one of the guy says:  [[SPOILER]]
Ditto for me especially in New England area where the leaves are just turning color.  It's almost paradise. One of the greatest mystical (mysterious?) thing about golf?  Shooting 75 one day and 89 the very next day or vice versa.
I would say Jordan LOST it not gave it to Rory.
That's what I was thinking. That can't be your 5 iron distance. Heck my drives are only about 290-310 (in Colorado) but my 5 iron is 200-205 yds.As other have said GIR of at least 14 is needed to break 70. I have not broken 70 myself but came close a few times. Shot 71 and 73 a couple of times each. And each I those times my GIR was at least 12 with a few birdies and a few bogeys.
Depends on the course and how I am playing that day. But if I had to guess, generally I play the back nine a little better than the front nine.
I want Turbulators to help me drive it long with the PING G30 Driver!   I predict that the BLUE (East Coast) TEAM will win the 2015 Newport Cup by a score of 31.5 to 22.5. The MVP will be @saevel25 with 11 points won.
I wouldn't call Creamer "stunning". She's has more of a cute next door girl look.With regards to her pick, I think it's a bad choice given the state of her game. For the same reason, I wouldn't pick Tiger Woods for the Ryder Cup.
Tales of two cities. +7 on the front nine and -2 on the back nine.
New Posts  All Forums: