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That is a great Pinot.
WOW!!!  Simply an amazing performance.    
Unfortunately yes. We got 18" of snow where I am. But in Denver most of the snow has melted.
@Dave2512 Thanks for the information. Fortunately, the snow seems to be melting fast here as well.  I will have to call in the morning tomorrow.
No. I'm near Genese and we have about 14" of snow. Drove into work and looks like no golf this weekend near Denver area. I guess I'll have to go north to play like @Dave2512 says.
Geez, rub it in why don't you.  I guess I have to go more east and north towards Brighton.  But the forecast for tomorrow doesn't look good either.  Rainy/snow mixture and cold.
Well more snow yesterday, today and tomorrow. Sheesh. I guess I'll have to wait till next week.
Not used to. But started going to the range before my round about a 2-3 years ago. Makes a big difference in the first couple of holes. Swing feels a lot loose.
Poppy Ridge has 3 nine hole courses and is a great course. I played many rounds there.
If you are referring to one in Livermore, CA, yes I have. Great track - Greg Norman design.   A bit pricey though, but I think it's worth it.   It winds through the vineyard and has some good elevation changes.  I would definitely recommend it.   Disclaimer:  The last I played was a couple of years ago.  With the severe drought in CA, I don't know how the fairways and greens are this year.
New Posts  All Forums: