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I thought dimples were those indentations on your cheeks? No, not that cheek.  The other one.
Freudian slip?  But looking at your avatar, maybe not.   I generally don't like playing during a fog.  But I played once in PA when it was foggy, it was about 10 years ago.  I hit a 5-W off the tee on a relative short part 5.  I couldn't tell where the ball went.  So I re-teed and hit another ball.  The second ball, I could see its launch direction.  So I walked towards where my second ball should be but thinking my first ball was lost as I had no clue which direction it...
I don't think there is any quick fix. I would suggest you get into Yoga.   Believe me, Yoga is a lot harder than you think.  And it is good for overall fitness and flexibility.
 Not trying to be dismissive, but it is surprising that you have not had a slump in 15 years. I get into the proverbial golf slump every year, heck sometimes every other month, it seems.  The length of being in the slump has gotten shorter, thank goodness, but I still have ebbs and flows in my golf game. One thing that I found helpful of getting out of the slump is to increase the amount of practice time at the range.  Basically, I work on one fundamentals at a time at the...
When I go to a new course and that course does not have a GPS display (on carts, of course), I always buy a yardage book even though I have a range finder regardless of whether I am walking or riding (I ride when the green fee includes cart).  Sometimes hidden hazards are hard to see or are not visible unless you have a yardage book.
LOL.  I could say the same thing about you @joekelly.  Come to think of it, same for me.  I would guess that the answer would all be a resounding "NO". 
Attempt to recreate the original lie seems okay, but isn't the bunker considered a hazard?  If so, you are not allowed to touch the materials within the hazard.  So wouldn't you be incurring additional penalty trying to recreate the original lie?
Unfortunately, Ebola in the U.S. currently seems to be in "smoldering" stage.  It won't be long before the blaze actually starts.   I guess I should stop shaking hands with strangers I get paired up with on the golf course.  Who knows where they have been or whom they have had contacts with.   But I will tip my hat to them after the round.
7.5 when I used Titleist 975D. That was one of my favorite driver. I couldn't miss with that driver. When I moved up to 910D2, I went up to 8.5 effective loft. They didn't have 8.5 on 910D2 so I bought 9.5 and adjusted to 8.5
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