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IMHO, Tiger seems to be suffering paralysis by analysis syndrome. Too much thinking during his swing. I too get into that mind set during early summer. That's why I get into a slump in summer months. Hard to change that even knowing the cause.
Why are people rubbing it in to those who are suffering? - JK
For the most part, it was good. Did not like the way they try to wrap it up at the end. Kind of "hokey" ending.
Unless I see this story from a reputable source, I would ignore it. Can't be chasing this kind of story from an unknown/unnamed source. You would be heading down the rabbit hole.
Sorry to hear your troubles. But does Apple care cover accidental "drowning" of iPhones?
+1But I would say it's the shaft that makes more difference than the club head. You have to find the shaft that fits your swing. If you look at the club head, it makes less than
3rd. (-8)
What??? Oh man, Spock is dead? Rest in peace.
I agree with @colin007. He was obese. Now he looks normal. I don't understand why people think he's too skinny.
Snow snow go away I want to play! Ugh.
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