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Also, some clubs do NOT allow cell phone usage on the premise. Some also do not allow hats to be worn inside a building.   Like Spitfisher said, tip everyone.
Briefly.  Then you would be mad because you are not improving any further. The reason that I like golf is precisely that.  Just when you think you got it figured out, you don't.  Or when you reach one summit, there is another. I thought I would be happy when I got to HI under 10, but then I wanted to improve more. Before, I was happy to be shooting in the 80's consistently, but now if I shoot in the mid to high 80's, I am having a bad day. Golf is a moving target, we never...
iceskin.com   Has anyone tried this shirt?  If so, does it really work?   I saw the advertisement, and I was wondering if anyone has actually tried this shirt?  At $69.99 per shirt, I don't want to find out the hard way that this is just a gimmick.   I would appreciate any feedback from actual users.
I thought they used the same tip. No?
I hope so. I picked him to win the PGA next week! If not for Rory's insane playing at the Open, Sergio would have won.
Is this a joke? Could be a troll...
Had to travel to Tucson for business and took my clubs with me. Played Dove Mountain (where they play WGC's Accenture Match play) for the first time yesterday. See http://www.thegolfclubatdovemountain.com/ There are three 9's and I played Tortolita and Wild Burro.   From the tips (blues, not the tips pros play), it was ~7200 yds. Shot 45 + 39 = 84. 
That's nothing compare to my desk!Messy desk is a sign of genius.  That's my excuse and I am sticking with it.  I don't care what my teachers said 
Anything brand in blades. Just looks better. Started playing with Ping Eye 2. Now when I look at them, they look like a shovel.
New Posts  All Forums: