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Nope. I have, so far, two hole-in-one's. Didn't keep either one of the balls. Got too much crap as is. No need for other unnecessary crap.
I think it's safe -- it's in the hazard/OB
Snickers, hands down.   But that's when I used to eat without worrying about carbs. Now days, its Detour Lean Muscle Protein Bar (Cookies and cream flavor)
Isn't this why Tiger was winning so many tournaments during early part of his career? He had so much advantage with his length that he over powered most of the courses even though he wasn't the most accurate player. Having a wedge instead of a 5 iron for approach shots does more for scoring than accuracy. Of course if the course is too tight, than accuracy may trump distance.
IIRC when Tiger Jam first started, Hootie & the Blowfish performed for the event. EDIT: At least his shirt is not tucked in, so it looks better than the OP's picture
Snow, snow more snow. At least I don't have to call to cancel my tee time this morning.   I guess I'll just hang out here for awhile.
We call that fear of success.   On the serious note, I hate losing more than I like winning.  That seems to correlate well with the study.  It also explains Tiger's dominance especially when he kept on saying "being second sucks!" or words to that effect.
Courtney Thorne-Smith, especially in her younger days...  
Welcome! And where is this? It's been cold and/or snowing here since Monday.  Suppose to warm up to the 30's and maybe even 40's tomorrow and then another cold front/snow suppose to move in on Saturday.  I had tee time at 8:30 AM on Saturday.  I guess that's useless.
Coldest I've played was during my business trip to Asia during winter months.  One of the clients is a golf nut and it was -5 *F and still wanted to play.  So I obliged.  I couldn't swing very well with all that layer of clothing.
New Posts  All Forums: