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lol.  Rolies are what some people refer Rolex as.  But I like your train of thought.
Haesley Nine Bridges, South Korea.  Played with a member.  Great course.   Where they have KJ Choi Invitational tournament. I think Ricky Fowler won here over Rory McIlroy a few years back.  
That looks like a great course.I gotta put that on my bucket list.
At least with trees, you can see them from the tee box and try to avoid them.   I played a few courses where from the blue tees you hit your 270-290 yard drives and lo and behold, your ball ends up in a ditch that cuts across the fairway.   Those are the courses I do  not like.  Why would you put a ditch that cuts across the fairway near the landing area?  At least show that on the tee box so you won't be surprised your good drive ends up costing you a stroke.
Couple of Rolies
My everyday watch.
What year is that? Silver Oak Cab is one of my all time favorite.
Arrowhead has been in decline.  When American Golf took over management of the course, it went down the toilet, like all American Golf run courses I've seen over the years.   I hate American Golf management company as they seem to suck all profits out without putting any back in for improvements and upkeep of the course.   That was about 4 years ago.  I haven't been back since.  So it may have changed, i.e., American Golf may have left - I hope.   You should find out...
I could be wrong, but I don't think he skipped Doral as much as he didn't make it into the tournament.   As for those saying 50/50, they are guessing.  50/50 odds is either he will or he won't.  No useful information there.   Now if they said there is 70% chance he'll play, then we have something to talk about.  All these pundits saying 50/50 are useless.   But seriously, I doubt he will play.
Welcome.   At least a couple of things will help you hit it longer: one is the proper technic and hitting the ball on the sweet spot, the other is strengthening your core muscle so that you can generate the speed needed to "hit it faster".  For increasing the core strength, there are number of exercises that can help you strengthen your core muscle.  But if you do weight training in general, it will help you hit it longer as any weight training will lead to more muscle...
New Posts  All Forums: