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This rainy weather sucks!!! It rained 21 days out of 23 days in May so far. Including today when I had a tee time this afternoon. Had to quit after 3 holes because of a down pour and thunderstorms.
With dedication, you may achieve your goal. However, that also depends on your natural talent. There are some, albeit very few and far in between, that can achieve that goal. Good luck.
LOL. That is funny and true in so many ways.
Spring??? You mean that one week in June when it is not too hot or cold?  
Perhaps mod should move this to the Grill room. This kind of topic can get out of hand real fast.
This year has been a bit out of the norm. It's been raining like crazy here. I hate it. That's why I don't like north west. I can't stand grey skies. I like bright blue sky when I wake up.
I wish they'd make different colored Pro V1x's. Until then it's white all the way.
Usually during feb-April I snowboard on Saturdays and play golf on sundays.
FYI.  He's an Argentine but plays for a Spanish team. With regards to Rory, I think he does move the needle probably more than Rickie, IMHO, but not as much as Tiger.  Maybe Rory needs better PR firm in the U.S.
It seems there are two shadows behind them.  Perhaps she was referring to the owner of the other shadow?
New Posts  All Forums: