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Attempt to recreate the original lie seems okay, but isn't the bunker considered a hazard?  If so, you are not allowed to touch the materials within the hazard.  So wouldn't you be incurring additional penalty trying to recreate the original lie?
Unfortunately, Ebola in the U.S. currently seems to be in "smoldering" stage.  It won't be long before the blaze actually starts.   I guess I should stop shaking hands with strangers I get paired up with on the golf course.  Who knows where they have been or whom they have had contacts with.   But I will tip my hat to them after the round.
7.5 when I used Titleist 975D. That was one of my favorite driver. I couldn't miss with that driver. When I moved up to 910D2, I went up to 8.5 effective loft. They didn't have 8.5 on 910D2 so I bought 9.5 and adjusted to 8.5
I used to watch all kinds of sports with NBA and NFL being my favorites to watch. These days I don't watch much TV at all. I rather go play golf or snowboard.
I believe that is 10 folds not two.
I should've added that I am including preshot routines. I've seen some guys yaking people's ear off before getting ready for his tee shot.  Drives me nuts! EDITED: for clarification
You seem to take things waaayyyy too seriously. This thread is all in jest...
Who does that? Although, i"ve seen spiked sandals advertised, I've never seen anyone with sandals while playing golf. You are not a golfer IF...you talk longer on the tee box than actually swing the club.
@Iceman123 Thanks for taking care of my order.  I just received an email with the tracking number for my order.   Appreciate your prompt attention!
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