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I don't have 2-iron, so my longest iron (see my signature below) is 3 iron, which I hit around 230 yds.
Disclaimer: I have no idea whether this is true or not, but ... For that matter, someone already may have uploaded this video on TST.  But I couldn't find it on my cursory search.   I ran across this YouTube video today.  It is an interesting discussion on why many are suffering from inconsistent driver swing.  This may explain why sometimes my driver swing goes south.   I have to try this on the range today...  
You cannot gleam from the context as to what my answer to OP's q's is?I thought it was clear that all I'm saying is that you don't have to be a great player to teach. In fact, some of the great players are terrible teachers. Ones who are not great tend to be more in tune with the struggles of average players, and therefore generally make better teachers.
It did beginning of my playing days, but not anymore. Of course, that was also the days when I thought driving range was useless.   Thank goodness, I matured...somewhat.  
I was playing my usual course on Sunday. I come to 438 yd par 4 7th hole at Fox Hollow Canyon course (Lakewood CO).   The blue tee is moved up so the hole now plays about 400 yrds. I pull out my 4 iron and hit a beauty and the ball stops right at 150 yd marker  (it's a slight down hill, an I usually hit my 4 iron about 220).   After contact, though, my club head flies off about 20-30 yards!!! This is a new set of clubs that I got earlier this year.    Now I have...
For those claiming Tiger has "the numbers on his side" as in he has more chances to get to 15 than Rory to win Masters before Tiger, all I can say is number doesn't matter unless Tiger improves his performance.   Granted, having four months off due to a surgery means he didn't get much practice before the Open, but if he was really serious about chasing Jack's record, I would have thought he would have added another tournament before the Open.  But that's just my way of...
I would have to agree with @Golfingdad in that I didn't particularly disliked the guy.  Although his perceived whining earlier in his career may have contributed to him being disliked by many.But I do like his passion for saying what is on his mind.  In that he is more like Rory than Tiger.  Rory has what I would call "speech governor" and does not say negative things in press conferences, in contrast Sergio tends to have no "speech governor" and says whatever is on his...
Will do.
I was B-FIt for Bridgestone Tour B330-RX golf balls.   Sergio Garcia     -12 Sang-Moon Bae     -12 Thorbjorn Olesen -12
Looking forward to test out the callaway X2 Hot 3 wood. TST is the greatest golf forum!
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