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FWIW, pros do not carry their bags.   As to the OP's q's, I play much better walking. I walk 90%+ of the time.  Just about the only time I ride is when cart is included in the green fee.
Speaking of sunglasses, I lost mine about a month ago.  I distinctly remember having it in my car and when I went looking for it a few days later, it was no where to be found.   I even checked top of my head to make sure I was not going senile (even though I am way too young for that).   For the life of me, I have no idea what happen to that pair of sunglasses.
I haven't read through the entire thread, but IMHO, golf is like everything else in life.  You get out what you put in.   Meaning the more effort you put into practicing and playing, you'll have a better chance of becoming a good player.  Note I said better chance--not actually being better.  Some have "natural talent" for golf, some can pick things up easily, and some will struggle no matter what.   Hopefully, the OP will not be in the latter category.   Personally,...
This. That's what I did to one of my old golf buddies.  I called him on it a few times by nicely asking "what about your penalty stroke" or "did you count that flubbed chip shot" or simply saying "are you sure about that?", but when he kept doing it, I dropped him like a hot potato. Haven't played with him in years and have no intention of playing with him.
In my own experience, the more you play and get use to the pressure, the better you will become at "bringing your game to the course."   Some people naturally thrive under pressure (fortunately I happen to be one of those) and others will find it extremely difficult to perform under pressure.  I am by nature "an adrenaline junkie."  I love the rush of adrenaline when competing or working out.   There is a thread started by Iacas that in essence talks about how you got...
Personally, after I got my swing to be relatively repeatable, i.e., one or two (at most) wild drives, it was the short game - chip and putt. Before you work on your short game, you have to get your long game somewhat stable to even think about shooting low 80's.   Without a relatively good long game, no amount of short game will get you to shoot low 80's - IMHO.  There is just too many penalty shots and inescapable situations you put yourself in with the unstable long...
In Colorado, while the weather has warmed up, the change in seasons is typically accompanied by strong winds.  And yesterday was no exception.  Gusts of up to 30 MPH make playing golf difficult.  But I managed to play a decent round.  Just learned to "play the wind" rather than trying to fight it.
Wind was gusting 15-20 mph yesterday, but managed to get out and play some decent golf.   Par 71 (35/36) Rating/Slope 71.9/133 6745 yds.   Shot:   +4 (front) 4/7 FH; 4/9 GIR; 15 putts   +4 (back) 3/7 FH; 4/9 GIR; 15 putts Total   +8 (79) 7/14 FH; 8/18 GIR; 30 putts
Nada. Zip. Well except for the memories.
Hi Ben,   I really appreciate you taking time to post here to let us know what the life inside the ropes is like. It is something most people will never find out or hear about, unless they are fortunate enough to know someone inside the ropes.   And I think you are providing that insight to all TST members.   I wish nothing but success to you and Sam.  Hopefully one day soon, we will hear about you guys more regularly in the PGA.   Thanks again for taking time out...
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