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Well, at least you got the title right.
I had one sitting on the lip just like yours. About 8 years ago, I hit a 9 iron on 155 yds par 3.  The ball landed about 10 feet from the pin, then rolled towards the pin, which was in the shade.  I thought it had gone in, but it had stopped right on the lip.   Since than, I had two hole-in-ones.
Phil Jackson did NOT win any championship.  He was merely the coach as was Butch and Hank. I am merely pointing out that your logic is flawed.  You are comparing apples to oranges.
I don't know which is worse, Barkley's golf swing or that first pitch. Looks like he was trying to guide the ball rather than throwing it.   I guess his golf swing is worse...   But not by much.
With that logic, shouldn't Butch Harmon and Hank Haney deserve respect?
I've ordered mine today. I guess it will come in handy next year. :-p
Blue tees at http://www.beardancegolf.com/golf/golf_scorecard.html 71.8/132 course rating 6879 yards. Started out with a double bogey and shot +4 on the front and even on the back for 76 total. One of the better ball striking days. Except for the first hole obviously.
one more... "Do you feel lucky, Punk?  Well, do you?" - Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry
I would give it a bogey.  Did not like it one bit.  I was a bit surprised by SJ's figure.  She seems rather plump compared to her PR photos or movie posters.  I guess that is what photoshop does to one's figure. No explanation on the story line (if you haven't read the book, which by the way is completely different than the movie), makes it very difficult to like.
Edge of Tomorrow:  Lip-out birdie. Good, but flawed, concept.  Very interesting story regarding time manipulation. Having Jennifer Blunt is a definitely +++
New Posts  All Forums: