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I don't know if I could do that "trick shot" even if I tried.
I'd be careful with the pain in your arm after curls. A lot of golfers elbow is due to lifting weights rather than from playing golf. That's how I got my golfer's elbow about two years ago. I am over it now but it's pain in the a$$ having golfer's elbow. (No pun intended)
Cobie Smulders ... (she could already be on here, but it doesn't hurt to see her again  )      
No one.   It was my parents who introduced me to the game.  Before then, I thought golf was only for old retired guys.
You don't have to join a country club.   I joined men's club at two of the local courses here.  It cost about $150 per year and you get to participate in their tournaments and you get GHIN number for your official handicap.  There are about 12-15 tournaments per year per course.  I tend to play about 10-12 tournaments a year (5 to 6 tournaments on each of the two courses I am a member of).   It's a great atmosphere and the tournaments are well...
Could be due to cold weather. You may have gained distance but due to the cold weather, you might not see the results.
ThThat's exactly what I was thinking.
Ah! I see. Thanks for the clarification. I too enjoy a stogie when I am grilling. Nothing like a cold one and a good stogie.
I don't follow this logic. Unless you mean you didn't go outdoors much due to a large number of black flies flying around.With regards to Padron cigars, I forgot that I've tried their "regular" brand, i.e., no number after the name, simply "Padron".Did not like them at all. A bit spicy tasting. I hate spicy tasting cigars. I love spicy food but I prefer my cigars to be "neutral" tasting.
I use Bose QC15. Very comfortable and eliminates virtually all background noise. It also has Mac/iPod/iPhone jack so you can control the volume using the headphone. Full disclosure: I am partial to Bose as it was founded by graduates of my alma mater.
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