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Good question . . . for your own thread.
Your 3-wood backspin seems low.
Is that Jay Leno?
You're quoting my comment about A-Rod exactly why?
  Speaking of sarcasm, that's winking guy is probably the most sarcastically judgmental smiley I've ever seen.  Some people use that specific smiliey quite often and I never know how to interpret what they've just said.
I only comment on the ball because I have some experience playing current tour balls and older tour and distance balls. The modern driver hits the ball farther and the modern ball goes straighter. It's a deadly combination. I don't recall hitting the ball > 325 yards on any drives before 2000. A drive over 300 was a rarity. Surely at 45 I can't be that much more fit than I was at 25, can I?
Sorry, was I complaining about anything in that post?
Sorry, what in his comment proves Seve wasn't a jerk? He sure was when I was young(er). At least that's how I recall the Ryder Cups playing out pre-1991.
Is this still about baseball? That's specifically what you've quoted - a baseball comment.
If he could knock a few minutes per hole off his putting routine, the 5-hour version might be enough.
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