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Over 25 years of golfing for me and still no hole-in-one. I'm just waiting for the prize money to go up in those local benefit tournaments before getting my first ace.
I did - UPS has it and it is heading my way. THANK YOU again.
Cussin hacker - you are my new best friend. THANK YOU!!!
I appreciate the tip leezer99, but it is out of stock there and says the manufacturer is no longer making them.
^bump for one more go round.
I ususally wear whatever hat best matches to the shirt that I am wearing that day. I have multiple titleist hats, a callaway hat, a Ben Hogan hat, a Maxfli hat and the always trusty Cubs hat. I recently bought this Ping Ranger hat. It will get put in the rotation this upcoming season.
I'll reaffirm everything said here. The Gamer is a great ball in my experience except for the cover. I got good distance and control with this ball, but would literally pick pieces of the ball out of the grooves on my irons - and not just the wedges. If the new version has a more durable cover without changing the characteristics, I would definitely give them a shot.
Anyone know where you can get this in a large. It is the polo with the 3 stipes on the upper right chest area in a horizontal fashion. You can see it here at the sports authority website. I have searched high and low and cannot locate one. Thanks.
I am looking to add a 19* hybrid to my arsenal and looking for some opinions on the plethora of options out there. I currently have a 22* TM Burner (2007 model) and hit it pretty well so another one of those is a possibility but fearful that more current equipment would have substantial benefits over the older models. I have been looking at what Nickent has to offer and Adams, specifically the A3 Boxer line. Other than that, I have no idea what is good and what is...
Didn't actually go to the store, but got a new Callaway X-tour vintage SW and some Stinger 3" tees from Rock Bottom Golf.
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