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I wouldnt let anyone hit the driver i have now, I had the shaft break a couple weeks ago on the exact same driver. I found another one on the heartland america website. I know its a cheap nitro driver that costs $30 but somehow i have more success hitting it than anything else ive tried lately(and i tried several used name brand drivers at a local golf store) hoping the shaft breaking on the other one was a fluke(it came from kmart) so who knows what happened to it...
If they saw you on the teebox, they should have gotten out of the way and let you play, then they could have finished what they were doing. They used poor judgement and poor communication from the clubhouse not letting them know you were approaching wanting to play through. That said, you shouldnt have hit your shot on a par 3 while they were near the green. Ive had grounds crew see me coming and move a bit out of the way, not realizing that im not not that good and...
Sounds like its not working too well, id rather have as flat and perfect lie on the teebox for a par 3. I never use tees for irons or hybrids so the ball sitting up on the teebox grass is what i would prefer, id hit the mound of dirt and send it flying everywhere.
Im also thinking, how do the announcers on tv know about it so quickly. As far as the divot repair, how could anyone possibly guess that the ball would end up in the exact same spot, you could probably take a free drop from that spot and not get that to happen. If he were trying to do that again like a trick shot it would be next to impossible to duplicate.
I thought the answer to the first question would be no but on the second one, a putt is a putt, whether on the green or not. I actually had a friend chip from the fringe once to make his stats look better by having less putts on that hole. I almost always putt if im on the fringe, sometimes even farther out than that. If i kept putting stats, i would count those as putts but to be a gir, you have to be completely on the green.
Standard on all clubs except driver. Its a bit oversized, softer grip that i like for the driver, i think the one reason i can hit this driver better than most any other driver ive tried. Especially at the range when its hot and my hands get sweaty(i dont wear a glove, just dont like them) it helps me still keep a good solid grip on the club and help me keep the head more square at impact resulting in more consistent shots.
I know ive seen drivers as large as 535 cc on ebay, but i doubt i would get any more distance out of anything more than 460 cc, it finally gets to the point where it gets so awkward to swing that if you go any larger than 460 cc. You might get more distance but hit it all over the place so it wouldnt lower your scores any, 300 yards out into the woods is not as good as 225 in the fairway.
Why would anyone want to chip while on the green? Thats what the putter is for. I putt sometimes when im not even on the fringe, i can simply get the ball closer by putting than chipping. Anyone who would possibly be stupid enough to chip on a green and make a divot on the green should be kicked off the course, what an idiot. If its a funny shaped green, just putt harder to get through the fringe if you must but never chip on the green. Greens are the one part of...
My bag has a pocket thats supposed to be a cooler for a couple drinks. Well it works very poorly for keeping drinks cool but its where i put my tees and a few balls that i plan on using for that particular round. If i want cold drinks i bring my cooler from work with me and put it on the cart. I'll usually put a few in my pocket before going to the range or playing and if i need more i get them out of the bag.
I started out with a box set of intech clubs from walmart, actually not a bad set, for $100. I used them for about a year and bought a different set of irons last year. The top flites would be a good beginner set, ive seen a set of those at kmart. Starting out, you need the most forgiving clubs you can get and the cheaper box sets are usually pretty forgiving. Theyre not meant to be a long term solution but a good way to start as many people buy clubs and never end...
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