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Just seems ironic Mayo talks about critiquing being bad when that's completely how he established himself, posting videos on youtube quoting big names in golf and saying how they were wrong. Yet apparently now he's not ok with that? Funny how that works 
Mayo was all on the attack when he was trying to climb the ranks but people seem to think he can't be subject to the same attacks he dished out? That's not logical. 
I don't think that video was made by Damon and there are many other people critical of Mayo, such as  http://jeffygolf.com/showthread.php?1301-Trackman-Maestro-and-Pat-Perez&p=11527#post11527
Anyone seen this, it was on twitter I think  
WTF is up with her left arm in that pic... This might be off-topic, but I don't really get an instructor hitting an iron off a tee to show something... 
Assuming you're erring on the open side ? 
How are you guys defining inline? As in swinging on the elbow plane?
 Most common problem with AMs is being steep. Either they EE to make up for it and this leads to it's own set of problems, or they don't and are just really steep and get a poor flight. Haven't seen many if any players that have a shallow approach without EE that aren't good strikers. 
 That dude isn't hitting the ball anywhere either. If that ball goes 250 I'm surprised. It's like the least dynamic swing I've ever seen. All this looks to me is that he set up less closed, and thus the typical wipey motion results in more of a fade. I feel like instead of correcting the swing dynamics the average hacker has, this swing just pre-sets them into such a closed position, that they can make their same crappy motion and have it be ok at impact. 
If you're carrying it 225, why do you play an x100 in a driver
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