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I've read most of this thread, and your not a 300 yard consistent driver. And if you are I feel bad for you, because your not smart enough to score better than 90, after hitting 300 yard drives on average, and 80 percent being straight. Wow you must have alignment troubles! Can't wait till next year when your on tour! Man when you nut it, it must be at least 350?!
What were your spin numbers like? Is your current set up optimized? Whats your swing speed? You should definitely get your driver set up how you like, not just the draw-fade aspect, the launch(high) and spin(low).
So how bout that ride in?
From what I hear the grinds make these things play a lot lower than they say. I just bought a 56, buying the 60 soon, have a 52 x forged, so I will compare.
Sure pros hit the ball pretty far, but it's just because they hit it solid, while being decently athletic and making efficient swings. It's all about getting the speed, then applying it efficiently. Anyone can do it. I average 270-280 now, and am confident that would go up at least 20 yards if I played in tour conditions.
I don't know about this. Tiger and phil both hitting driver aren't in the same ballpark. Phil hits it at least 20 yards farther. In your example, tiger might have actually hit driver. This is because Tiger usually hits a low spinning driver, versus the other longer hitters which hit a more optimized high launch low spin shot.
Squares will tend to be easier to hit in the fairway, but wont be as hot in the rough as the square clubface could get snagged. Squares are less workable, meaning they hit straighter, but you can't curve them as much when you want to.
Not where I play , as fivesomes are outlawed, I'd probably have to keep the defibrillator in my bag, for when the starters see 8 trying to go off in one group.
Hm, Isn't there a rule about pins having to be 5 feet from the fringe or something like that? A pro in florida told me about that, anyone?
Btw, look at a LD event, they get about 1/10th the roll that PGA players do. Stenson can't even hold a candle to quiros, let alone Sadlowski.
New Posts  All Forums: