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Well I'm getting worse weekly. Shot a 97 yesterday. I'm about to give up. Haven't shit that high in 10 years. Not sure how many lessons id have to take to fix all these problems I'm having lately. Even my drives went haywire starting on 15. Hitting em really high about 180 yards. So frustrating.
Well I am in CO where the ball flies a mile. Trust me it's not my mechanics! Erik, I could of sworn it was middle stance every time... I'll have to make sure of it on Saturday when I play. Where do you recommend a sw ball position? Oh and none of my approaches took divots yesterday either. It was weird. Still came into the greens nice with the 7 and 8i but no divot. More of a sweeping swing yesterday. Too much body turn? I 'think' I was turning as much as I do with my...
It's a partial swing with my 54 vokey. Definitely not the norm. I'm not within 5 feet everytime or anything but 99 percent of the time I'm on the green from that distance. I also duffed 2 chip shots. I'm pretty worried.
So I was hitting really well today except for my approaches. Skulled 5 over the green today. Only played 9. What the hell is going on? Two of th shots were a mere 90 yards to the flag. Any suggestions? Striping drives. Striping the 7 and 8i approaches. But 92 yards? Skull over the green. Every. Time.
Why would they tell you that on the phone?  I'm really hoping that's false as it is my go to ball.  Stops extremely quickly on approaches for me and the price is definitely right.  Plus I got an Ace with one a few weeks back!
So I've played 2 rounds with my Tour v3 and absolutely LOVE it.  Super fast at acquiring pins and I've shaved strokes off my final score.  Pin high so many times.  4 looks at birdie yesterday.  (most I've ever had!)  This thing is paying for itself! :)
Shot an 88 today. Amazingly as I sucked. Need to figure out the iron game. It either shoes up or it doesn't. Today it didn't. Doesn't help that I have a new swing every weekend.
I've never played Indian peaks. Only the range. How recently have you played co national?
Don't bother with it.  Get your free range balls and enjoy.  The range isn't even cut half the time, it's more like the second cut of rough.   You wanna talk about ball marks on the greens, there are no less than 100 ball marks on EVERY green there.  There is no such thing as putting at CO National.  No one repairs their marks, and the groundskeepers sure as hell don't do it.  Those greens are like a mine field.   They need new ownership.  Or maybe they don't.  The...
Bubba Watson -3   Dustin Johnson -2   Sergio Garcia -2   I may have wasted a pick, not sure, but 3 pages to keep track of is too much for my mind!!   BUBBA FOR THE WIN!!
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