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If you are looking at Top Flites, the D2 Feels aren't too bad. Not wonderful, but I tried it out and shot pretty well with it.
Wich of the two is better...the Bayonet course or Blackhorse?
I had the shanks on Friday, so I went to the range this morning.....same thing. My divots look fine, but I would say 6 out of 9 shots are 45* to the right. This has never happened wear I can't fix it during the same session. I want to contribute it to my working out with weights lately, but that is lame.
Me and the wife always seem to go to Monterey for our anniversary. I wanted to switch things up this year. I try to get a morning round of golf in when I send her to the spa for a 4 hour spa day, so it has to be around a course. I was looking at Bodega Bay, and they have the New Links at Bodgea Harbour. Looks nice, anybody play it? Or any other ideas in NorCal?
When I think of big 3, I think of the 3 big 7 footers! Bynum, Gasol, and Odom.....with a little Kobe over Rondo.
I am glad you would, because that would mean the Lakers would WIN! Sure, Lebron would probably have more points than Kobe, more steals, more blocks........but Kobe in the best player in the league in the last quarter! Lebron doesn't know how to finish....Kobe is THE finisher in the league. Give me Lebron for the first 46 minutes.....and Kobe for the last 2
Ok, sounds great.
Talk about throwing in the towel. First field gaol in the 3rd quarter?!?!?!?!? Come on Lebron, you are better than that.....well, maybe not. I think back to how he lost to the Magic last year and acted like a baby. He is a great player, but man he has a lot to learn. GO LAKERS!!!!
I am kicking my self right now, but I am still not sure if I made the right move. I passed on Fridays round for the Open to go up to Coeur d'Alene to see my dad for fathers day and play in a tourney at the Coeur D'Alene Resort course. Its not like I haven't played there before, but it is one of my favorite places on earth!
I can get about $60 for trade-in @ golfsmtih, so I was thinking around $70.
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