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As the title says: Callaway X-Forged Chrome wedge, 64* with 9* bounce. Practically new. The club has hit maybe 50 balls at the range and 3-5 balls on the course. Mac Daddy grooves. Very hot spinning wedge. Asking $80 shipped or trade for Callaway X-Forged Chrome 50* approach wedge in similar condition. Best contact is email: brandon.gleason@me.com
that must have been it. now I have to see what else they have on clearance!
I went to Golf Galaxy today to get my brother a birthday present (Callaway Diablo 10* draw driver) and myself a new glove and a few dozen HX Hots. Once I filled my cart with these, I decided to browse the putter selection because I have been contemplating trying a blade putter as the mallet 2-ball Odyssey I have been playing just doesn't feel right to me. I've been eying an Odyssey Black Series (non-i) #1 for a few weeks now. Nice sleek profile, no insert. Just what I...
I like playing my X Prototypes with my 30+ handicap because it has truly and honestly made me a better ball striker. Toe it with my X18's, not TERRIBLE results. Toe it with the X Prototypes and there's no doubt in your mind you've made poor contact. Good hits feel like butter and I LOVE the look of the clubs both in the bag and from address.
I think I'll be giving the BCT's a shot. I've heard through another forum that the MC becomes a bit slick when wet. Truth to this??
I know the MC grips are mostly corded. I should've been more specific as to why I didn't like the full cord Lamkins. The grip on them is great. No slip at all. They're just a bit rough on my hands. I like the soft feel of the Tour Velvets, but my hands tend to slip on hard swings during very hot/humid rounds. I see the MC grips as a compromise between soft feel and traction.
When I first got my X Prototypes, they came with Golf Pride Tour Velvets. They play nicely, but I decided to try out some cord grips and put Lambkin cords on my 7-PW just to see how they played. Bottom line is I don't like them that much and would like to give another grip a shot. How does everyone feel about the Golf Pride Multi-Compounds? I've held some and taken a few swings with a friends clubs that have them and they feel pretty nice. How do they wear? Pros/cons vs...
I would just like a new bag! I'm looking into the callaway orig 14 stadium bag. Also, need a SW as my X protos didn't include one, so need to order an x forged 56* wedge. Debating a 52* or so wedge to make 14.
I played those same clubs up until June. They were my first set a few years ago when I first tried (unsuccessfully) to get into golf. Like everyone else said, until you have a steady income, get a sand wedge and spend your money on lessons and practice.
Well, as evidence by the number to the left of this post, my handicap is nothing even close to write home about. I just started golfing this year and decided to splurge and go from Callaway X18's to X prototype forged blades in an attempt to work on my ball striking. Over the past week, I have noticed an increase in feedback from my clubs which have lead to my change in address and set up which has REALLY improved my ball striking in the last week alone. I see them as a...
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