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     At least you had the clarity to see that your prior wording was, to use your word, snarky. That wasn't the word that came to my mind, but you at least are taking a step in the right direction and that is a positive worth celebrating.
  Why would Russell ever be considered for GOAT? Because his TEAM won so many titles? The GOAT is a player, not a team, thus team titles, for me anyway, are only a small part of it. If they were the only part then isn't there another Celtic that has even one more title than Russell? One of the Jones' maybe?
  No. Not in my book. Jack would still be the GOAT (assuming Tiger fails to break his record of 18 majors).
  No biggie, Ernest. 
There is at least one perfectly explainable reason for Rory's 2013 woes. The change from Titleist (I think he was with Titleist, right?) to Nike. It does not seem unreasonable that anyone might struggle for a bit playing new clubs.  
  Ernest, this post from mjbond near the top of page 6 was what I was referring to. It was made July 31, 2013 and was in reference to an event that takes place, I believe, in August of 2013. I was just asking Matt how he fared in this event last August. I'd like to watch his progress as much as anyone, so if he has results from last August in Queensland it would be interesting to see them since this thread seems to be about watching him progress from a 22 to his current...
  I have no affinity for Reed one way or the other, but if he finishes in the top 12 of a team points race that takes 12 players then to me he has a valid reason to be there. And I would watch the Ryder Cup regardless of who is or is not playing. 
   I understand why the Captain has the picks to begin with, and I hear what you are saying as well. Plus, I'm about as big a Phil fan as there can be. Having said all of this, what we have been doing in Ryder Cup hasn't been working, and neither would I expect the same old-same old to work this time. Taking whomever ends up in positions 10 thru 12 may not work any better, but it would send a clear message that you need to earn it and maybe that would serve us well down...
   Ernest, what does this even mean? He stated last July that he was going to play an event in Queensland. I', just asking him how he did. That seems to be what this thread is all about i.e. how his budding golf career is going. What am I missing? 
   Matthew Bond, sorry for the earlier post that questioned things. Good luck in the mini tour. BTW, how did you do in that Queensland Open last year? 
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