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   To your point, I think Faldo has won more points than anyone in Euro Ryder Cup history. Him or Monty. Sergio managed to beat Furyk this year in singles to improve his singles record to 3-4, but Furyk loses more Ryder Cup matches than anyone in history. Sergio has a better team record, but maybe his top flight partners like Rory and Westwood played a part in that. 
I think Watson was crazy for benching Mickelson. And not making any comment about Watson's "style" which seemed to perturb some players, but at the end of the day its the players that have to execute the shots and win the matches. And I know this is a team event with a head coach, and we all know the diff between foursomes and four ball. The strategies may be different, but hitting a golf ball and getting it to the hole in the fewest strokes hasn't changed. If you lose...
   Might be done, might not be, who knows. Today's round was nothing special considering he beat only 5 other players on the course. Not that you said it was special, you didn't. Just making a point. 
  That is exactly what happened. Only after he knew he was way off about Tiger's head being level does he interject the part about TW and Como having some more work to do on the head movement thing. 
I liked the part of yesterday's broadcast where they decide to takle a look at Tiger's head movement. The announcer says "Tiger has been working hard on keeping his still, so let's take a look at his head in this swing. His head is level .... his head is level .... his head is "pretty" level"   His head had dipped about 7 inches. Maybe they thought we couldn't see his head was WAY under the line they just neatly drew for us. You can't make this stuff up. 
Tiger should talk with Strick before he heads out to play today.       
   Spot on, Gunther. The part about Strick also being off from competitive golf, but not having four of the worst chunks a tour player could possibly hit in one single round. 
   Chunks. I don't think I have ever seen him make four shots like in any round of golf. Not ever. Those four shots looked what you'd see at your typical muni. 
New Posts  All Forums: