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   Sure. If he knows you'll be staring at it...... 
Just turned the coverage on. 15 green is already pretty fast frlom back to front. 
   Makes sense. I actually think Wie has the better golf swing, but I think Thompson is a little better at closing the deal when in contention.
I heard Warren Buffet is having a Masters Prediction Contest too. You have to predict the top 44 in exact order to win a Gazillion dollars.    
   For her to get on her toes like that, wouldn't she need to really push off the ground? Wouldn't she then at some point prior to impact have placed a good amount of force on the ground, or the scale? That action reminds me of Bubba Watson's swing.
   Just from watching the swings alone, I thought for sure she must have missed the entire green on some of those shots. Then  the ball lands within 15 feet!
   No graphic can tell you that, that is why they need Jim Nantz and Faldo.
   Totally agree. That was an incredible finish yesterday. Jones put a lot of pressure on Kuchar to hit that 18th green because making par from that right sand trap is no given. So Kuch goes for the green and hits it into the drink. Anyone who ever played for anything even at the club level can understand the situation. Jones went out there and earned that big time. I don't care at all that he's a journeyman.
   If the graphic shows Tiger Woods hitting into a a par 4 from 171 yards with the 3 highlighted and never once mentions how he is on his 3rd shot, are you going to be happy if they don't show you how the player got into trouble? If they never mention his sideways punch out from the trees, might you think they are mistaken and that he is really hitting 2? Because if he is truly hitting 3 then aren't you going to expect them to show you what happened? How he hit his drive...
   Correct. This graphic doesn't tell us any more than the old graphics told us. I can tell from this new graphic that this is a par 4 hole, but I would have also known that from the old graphic. I would add that you either have to know how this system works OR they have to include the bottom line telling you that this is the second shot. Merely highlighting the 2 would make me ask if he is laying 2 or if this is his 2nd shot. Highlighting the 1 on the tee shot isn't...
New Posts  All Forums: