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 OK, I just went and read the entire article. I can see that Erik attempts to come off as endearing, but I think he goes about it in a poor way. Calling any group of people stupid or monkeys isn't very complimentary in my view, even if meant to be endearing.      Nope. I am guessing you are calling the little icon at the bottom of your post a badge, but I don't have any of them and don't really read them. I just read what people write. That is all I have time for. I don't...
  Calling someone a stupid monkey is a compliment? Not where I come from. And yes, I clicked the link, read the first paragraph which is shown below, and stopped right there. I found the comment in bold to be offensive and did not care to read on.  If you spend any time with a PGA Tour player, particularly one who is working on his game, you'll start to realize something very quickly. These guys are good. Spend a little more time with the player, though, and you'll realize...
  I completely disagree with your assertion here that with regard to technique tour pros are stupid monkeys.  I think your position on this subject is overly defensive because youi are an instruictor yourself. 
    Neither of these guys sound like biomecahnical geniuses, but both of them could play and both of them knew how to swing a club and could teach someone else to swing a club. If you believe neither Snead nor Trevino could teach someone how to swing a club then I disagree with both of you. Additionally, I think a lot of people are making a lot of assumptions about what Brandle Chamblee does or does not know. What is biomechanics anyway? The study of mechanics in sports...
  And you don't need to understand bio mechanics to learn how to swing a golf club, or understand how to swing it, or teach someone else how to swing it. Loads of good instructors don't know anything more than what a good swing looks like plus several key fuindamentals and they can easily teach someone else how to swing a club. No need for flight laws, physics, geometry or anything else.  Lee Trevino once claimed the answer was in the dirt. He could play plenty.
  Pretty amazing that Chamblee won twice on the tour before ever learning anything about the golf swing.  
  Tiger just needs to call a few hotties from The Windermere Pancake House, couple of Vegas call girls, and Rachel Ucan'tspell from Manhatten and throw a little late night soiree. He'll be good to go. Find a doc from Toronto with blood spinning expertise andf he'll win at least 5 majors in the next three years. 
   I never saw the show you are no doubt referencing, but that is a completely different type of beach community than the one I frequent. Different as night and day. 
  Down the shore? Which beach? I go to Ocean City, NJ and play at Shoregate when I am "down the shore". Played three rounds there last week. Tough course.   (lol, I can picture some people scratching their heads at the expression "down the shore")
My absolute favorite event to attend is the Amateur events like The Walker Cup and US Amateur. Sparse crowds but with tomorrow's star players. You can get really close to the action without a ton of people trampling the course. Love it. 
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