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phan, is right. Dan Jenkins will keel over laughing at the Tiger fans before he'd apologize for writing satire. The only thing he need apologize for is perhaps not making it even funnier.   And if Tiger's fans want to add Jenkins to their already lengthy list of alleged haters, he'll probably laugh at that too. Might even devote a few sarcastic column inches devoted to his entry into the ever growing club. 
  His daughter has had organizations far more organized and powerful than Tiger Woods fans to contend with over the years. She doesn't care. Her father won't care either.  You might want to re think your position. But maybe not. No biggie either way, but I think you'll find out he has every intention of ignoring (or satirizing) those who want to make this story bigger than what it is. 
   Ha. Good one.  You might have better odds that the 5 feet of snow that hit Buffalo, NY this week would hit Phoenix next week than you would of getting Dan Jenkins to capitulate to the Tiger Woods fan club. The man is 85 and has been writing for 65 of those years. He has covered a lot of sports in that lifetime. And he well respected enough that many of his peers have deemed him one of the best sports writers in America. But the real reason he won't capitulate is that he...
   He's 80 something. He doesn't care about what anyone else thinks. He's gonna say what he wants to say. Some will get it, and some will just get p'd off about it. He'll laugh either way. 
It is sort of funny that the next stop on the PGA Tour is Tiger's event down there in Windermere. I'm sure Tiger will set some lofty goals for that week.    My (FAKE) List for Tiger's Goals During His Upcoming Tournament   1. Win Tournament 2. Be a Good Host 3. Raise Money for Charity 4. ...................... 5. ......................             14. DESTROY DAN JENKINS
   Maybe I am misreading your post, but you seem to describe Elin as a gold digging tramp who pulled a fast one on Tiger. Who knew? 
Ha! Kudos to both Rory and even more so to Justin for having a true sense of humor! They are two guys that would be fun to have a beer with. 
The Streisand Effect and Tiger Woods   Because of the Streisand effect, everyone's going to read Jenkins's piece now.    http://deadspin.com/tiger-woods-melts-down-over-gentle-satire-1660282939
Will Farrell Does a Nice Little Tiger Parody Here. Way funnier than Jenkins.  
 OK, I just went and read the entire article. I can see that Erik attempts to come off as endearing, but I think he goes about it in a poor way. Calling any group of people stupid or monkeys isn't very complimentary in my view, even if meant to be endearing.      Nope. I am guessing you are calling the little icon at the bottom of your post a badge, but I don't have any of them and don't really read them. I just read what people write. That is all I have time for. I don't...
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