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  Actually, there are facts. The Ski Tournament director and one cameraman are on record as calling b.s. on Tiger's story. The fact they called b.s. on him is a fact. 
An Byoeng Un, isn't he the guy that won a US AM and then finished 2nd to Uhlein at Chambers Bay? Or am I thinking of someone else? 
   Victimhood sells. Claiming to be a victim of something, or someone, or some circumstance or another is at epidemic proportions in today's world. Better to claim victimhood than to be viewed as a guy who hurt himself while falling to the ground in a drunken stupor. Like you said, though, his story was shaky from the get go and the police do not believe him. 
Holly Sonders was just on TV saying that there is speculation about Tiger's story not adding up. I'm shocked! On a serious note, if you think about it, if camera men accidentally took out one of Tiger's teeth wouldn't there be pics of the incident, or at least its immediate aftermath? 
Wow. Kid has beautiful rhythm on that swing. Good luck to him. 
    Don't care. Jack still won 18 majors to Tiger's 14. Jack has far more 2nd's, 3rd's, top 5's and tip 10's too. His record in majors is substantially better than Tiger's is. I also doubt he ever chunked 10 shots in a tournament as Tiger recently has done. 
  Dave, they are having the big Golf Industry Convention in Orlando this week. I was down there for the past 6 days at Orange County National just playing golf with gjuys who are in for the convention. I played golf and had drinks with several Brits and Assies and this "story" got a lot of talk from them. They all confirm what Shorty is saying. Allenby wore out his welcome with a lot of folks, just as Shorty has said. One guy said of him "he basically has no friends". Now...
Can anyone vouch for Elin's whereabouts?   
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