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  Well, you guys keep claiming it is all b.s., but yet it keeps rearing its head over and over again. This time from a professional golfer. Everyone is just out to get the guy, huh? 
It was only a matter of time before these reports surfaced. It will only be a matter of time before this is accepted as fact with one Tiger Woods. 
  Wordsmithing at its finest Erik. The entire point is that what goes for gospel truth here doesn't fly elsewhere, and I believe that has been born out. You can word smith all you want, but it doesn't change anything. And my feelings aren't hurt either. Not by you or your little lackies. 
   Distinction noted. 
  Please. You are playing word games. I am not trying to misrepresent anything here. I know you are going to play word games. I know you are going to dissect. It is what you do. Any attempt to mislead would be easily recognized. 24% of Tour Players polled when article was written said they thought he used PED's59% of golfers who were polled felt he used PED's21% out of a whole 64 voters here at TST "believe" he may have used PED's People are not stupid. They know that...
  I was being charitable. The question was whether or not golfers thought he used them. 59% responded yes. The point being that the number of people who believe he may have, or actually did, use them can be a LOT higher depending on where that question is asked. TST = 21%Huffpo = 59%
  I saw the distinction. The headline and lead sentance didn't exactly match what came after, but since you mention it let us lay it out more precisely.  24% of Tour Players at the time the article was written believed Tiger may have done PED's59% of golfers believe Tiger may have done PED's
  Agree. For me it would depend on the pin placement. 
  I do in fact do something like this. I'll give them one press, but I limit it to the front side only and only at exactly 2 holes down. They can take it that one time and then only. If they forgo the press, then they don't get to exercize it later and they never get to press on the back side. My logic is that if you are unhappy trailing by four or five holes, then play better. And if you don't like the bet, then don't take it. 
  It is ironic that the head line of that huffpo article (written years ago) says that 24% of golfers believe that Tiger used PED's, but the current poll result shows the number who believe it is up to a whopping 59%. That is a majority now. This flies in the face of those here who are ridiculing us for the belief it is possible.  Equally ironic is that virtually every time people get all heated up defending Tiger around here, one national voice or another brings him up in...
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