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FYI.  I called the course.  The maintenance will be complete on 9/21.  So now I'm thinking about doing both!  I can play both Crooked Cat and Panther Lake for about $30 more than just playing one Disney Course.  Thanks for the replies.
Pumpkin Ridge was nice when we played it 2 years ago.   Played it in the afternoon.  It was cart path only so we decided to walk the course.  My feet still hurt.  The next day we left for Bandon.  PR was nice though.
We have one day to play while in the Orlando area in Novermber.  I'm leaning toward Crooked Cat but just wondering which is better?  Any thoughts, reviews or opinions would be appreciated.  Thanks!
I'm in the process of looking into buying new irons for next year.  The irons I have now are Lynx Black Cat with regular steel shafts.  I've only just started my trek for finding new irons.  I've hit the new Taylor Made 2.0 and really liked them.  I'll be playing at Cog Hill on May 15th and they are having demo days that weekend, so after my round I plan on trying some brands out.  I'm a 16 handicap if that's important for my choice.  Thanks.
I was there last year. Played Pacific first, then Bandon and Trails the next day. The next day we played Bandon Crossing, which is down the road and not affiliated with Bandon Dunes. Really liked it (My blistered, on top on blistered feet LLLOOOOVVVVEEDDD having carts!!) We went in mid September and had great weather. We were lucky. Before I went people raved about Pacific and Bandon and were iffy on the Trails course, but I actually liked the Trails course very much....
I played Arcadia Bluffs a couple of years ago and it was really great. Playing the new Harbor Shores course next Sunday. Hear great things about it. Half off greens fees as well. Think we're paying $75. I'll post when I get back.
I read an article about the Trail and it said that you get to play really nice courses for the money. My questions are: Being that there are a lot of courses that makeup the trail, what courses are not to be missed? Looking to play about 4 times in 3 days. Can we make a hotel the center point and play those four courses in the surrounding area? Flying in from Chicago, so what city would be best to fly into? If I think of anything else, I'll chime back in. Any info as...
Pumpkin Ridge - $90 (twilight rate w/pull cart) Bandon Dunes trip booked through Flanigan Tours - $1047 Included: 1 round Pacific Dunes 1 round Bandon Dunes 1 round Bandon Trails 1 round Bandon Crossings (golf w/cart) 2 nights stay at the Inn at Bandon Dunes Didn't include caddies which were $55 plus $25 tip. Took caddies at Pacific, Dunes & Trails courses.
Just got back yesterday from an incredible 4 day golf vacation to Portland and Bandon Dunes. We played 5 rounds in those 4 days. Trip began last week Wednesday at Pumpkin Ridge in North Plains just outside of Portland. Really nice golf course. Was a little disappointed it was cart path only so we decided to walk w/pull carts. Man were we tired after that round as the course is pretty hilly. Stayed the night in Portland, woke up early and drove 4.5 hours to Bandon...
I'm in the market for a new sand wedge. I couldn't get over the amount of them on my last visit to Golfsmythe. I'm an 18 handicap. I hardly take any divots on my short irons. I've been reading about bounce, etc... I aslo want to use it around the greens. Hope I'm making sense???
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