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  Do you have a link to back this up? The only racially insensitive thing I remember Tiger saying was a joke about black and white penises that got printed in GQ in the very early part of his career. He asked the writer not to print it because he thought the conversation was off the record, but the journalist printed it anyway and then Woods pretty much shut down real communication with the media.
  Then what in the world was the point of saying fried chicken? He knew exactly what he was saying when he said it.
    Sergio apparently didn't know. Heck, he apparently missed the Fuzzy thing 16 years ago.
I'm a fan, but I think he puts too much pressure on himself in these tournaments now. I will believe that he can win a major when I see him do it. So for now I'll say he finishes right where he is at 14. But if he does break through to win one sometime soon, it will open the floodgates and he'll win a bunch more.
  And one of his biggest claims to fame (winning a bunch of Order of Merits in a row) is a bit of a sham. There were a number of years where Tiger won more money on the Euro Tour than Monty, but because Tiger wasn't a member of the Tour, it didn't count. So Monty would "win" the Order of Merit on a technicality, and then this gets stamped on his Hall of Fame plaque. Pretty lame.
    He needs to leave it alone and just do tuneups for the next 15 years.
  Sergio should never be put in the same sentence with Hogan for any reason.
  I am positive. Tiger tapped in a 1 footer for par and Garcia had marked his 4 footer for par, then made it after Tiger tapped in. However, apparently the rule is in the event of a tiebreak, whoever had the honor at the beginning of the ROUND ends up in the final group. Sergio had the honor because he started with a 1 shot lead.
  That's an understatement. Even his good friend Adam Scott, who is as laid back as it gets, got frustrated with Garcia's temper tantrum antics last year at the PGA Championship.
Tournament officials just screwed up on the final round pairings. Garcia and Woods finished tied. Woods shot a lower round and finished before Garcia on 18, but they're putting Sergio in the final group. First in, last out? Apparently not.
New Posts  All Forums: