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My 2 cents   They need to use more protracer and focus less on guys taking 5 minutes on a 4ft putt.  I love watching guys hitting driver, irons and wedges but I don't need to watch a guy reading the green.  This is what kills golf on tv for me.  On majors I can understand it but during the John Deere I change the channel when people are putting.    
98mph * 2.5 = 245  My feeling is its pretty much maximum.
Hey,   I also went to this event and it was my first time too. Best money spent on golf to date.   Regards to 1)I thought the opposite.  On some players, I found that their contact didn't sound really solid.  But the ball still flew! Geoff Ogilvy especially.  There were a couple players on the driving range (no names) and the sound they made gave me nerd chills. Just sooooo good.   2)Agreed. The course was so narrow and these guys were hitting it down the...
1)One shot at a time (lame but it works) 2)Stopped aiming for the pin on sucker locations. Main shot is a draw so I never go for a right side pin . I go for the fat part of the green which has made me more consistent. 3)Sacrifice distance for the fairway.
Went to the 3rd round of RBC Canadian open and had a blast. It was my first time for to a PGA event and highly recommend going to one if you haven't gone yet. Here is a list of things that I noticed.   -Fairways were rock hard. I think I would be able to pump my drives to 270  -John Daly, fun guy to watch.  Takes driver even if the fairway is as narrow as a doorway. Crowds loved him -Kevin Na, he hit some horrible shots. Even topped a tee shot.  But it was...
Everyone is too afraid to offend anybody. Its funny is what it is.
I've had my mp57 for a year now and they still look brand new. What do I have to do to get this wear mark?
Crowd pleaser for sure. People love to see the ball spin back. My ball is more of a hit and stop (within a couple ft). And maybe the occasional 1ft spin back.
How about: Cart rolls down the hill :)
I'm probably going to be flamed for this so I'll put my flame shield :) . I love to carry and hate the idea of a push cart. It reminds me of a shopping cart with golf clubs. If you have a bad back thats one thing, but under 30 and using a cart seems just lazy IMO. Question for OP, what kind of back pain is it? I'm starting to get pretty sore in the lower back but if I do some stretching the next day it seems to get better.
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