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I tend to stay away from golf branding while on the course. I have about 4 different visors that I wear (WVU, Titans, Adidas and Hilton Head National). I guess the Adidas one is kind of golf branding, but I was a big Adidas fan before I even started playing golf. Shirts match the visor I am wearing, none of which are golf related, I guess minus the Adidas. And my shorts are DockersĀ 
Thanks Shanks.
I have picked up some very helpful things in this thread, thanks guys. I recently started working out, and am trying to eat right. I have lost a total of 8 pounds in 6 weeks. I think the hardest part for me, is eating right. Does anyone know of a website that would be helpful in this area? Like showing me what to eat for certain meals, like a guide of some sort. Thanks for any help.
I like white tea (Silver Needle is one of my favorites), green tea (Matcha) and oolong tea (Ali shan, also a favorite of mine). After reading this I think I will go make me some Silver Needle.
Have you tried this site? http://www.pgatour.com/onthetee/
I got to watch this last week. I felt it was just alright, kind of boring. I guess it was not exactly what I was expecting.
Then these sound like they would be perfect for me then, because I am in the same boat. Still consider myself a biginner and do not have alot of money to spend on equipment. Thanks for the info, anyone else have an opinion on these?
Congrats on your first birdie, and yes like eveyone else said, it is a birdie. Do not worry about if it is to short to be a par 5. I am still looking for my first, i have had about 3 or 4 tries, but missed my first putt and had to settle for a par.
Are these irons good. I was thinking about getting a set of Adams 2010 RPM Irons, and was just wondering if anyone has used them and what they thought about them. Thanks for any help and advice.
I have never tried the baseball grip. But after reading this thread I might give it a try next time I go to the range.
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