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Wilson Staff CI7 4-PW, GW, SW Factory standard length, lie Original Wilson grips 4-PW have TT Uniflex Steel shafts, feel somewhere between regular and stiff SW has TT TX 105 Stiff shaft, small tear in the grip that doesn't affect play   I've played probably +/- 12 rounds with these.  They've been kept in either a closet or a temperature-controlled basement.  Some brush marks on the soles and maybe a little bag chatter but the grooves are very deep still and the...
I hit into a group of old ladies without yelling fore or apologizing. I am not a good golfer now but I at least know a majority of the etiquette.
I only play in pay leagues with people I know in real life.Maybe iacas would give the winner a free sleeve of balls or a towel or something.
I watch and laugh when the women's shakeweight comes on. When the men's commercial comes on I change the channel.
I don't. I find it frustrating that these teams come all this way to do a BBQ competition and can be disqualified because they don't make good coleslaw or have never cooked rattlesnake. It's just another gimmicky food competition show. I'd rather it be about actual food prep and cooking so I can learn something. If I want to see a "gourmet" meal made using a blow torch, unripened fruit, and ramen noodles I'll watch Chopped or Top Chef. I just find that crap...
Haha that probably describes dozens of beers in Belgium.I am not a beer geek at all, I like microbrews but I'm not terribly picky. I just picked up some Shocktop Belgian White and it is good. I like Newcastle, Dundee Honey Brown, Warsteiner, Sam Adams (almost all varieties), Dos Equis, Fat Tire, Blue Moon, Michelob Ultra, and even Bud Light. I don't like Coors Light very much, and I don't like pale ales that are really bitter, but beyond that it doesn't take much to...
I'm guessing Westchase?
More, but not as much as I'd planned. Until recently it's just been too hot and I've been busy with other things.
I am also living in Brownsburg right now though only for the next 2.5 weeks. I have been wussing out until recently, it's just been too hot and the course conditions too awful to go play. You know for the money Saddlebrook is a great course. I really enjoy playing there.
It is in parts of the northeast.
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