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    Sounds like some of the regulars on this site .  Seriously, the guy had some interesting points and provided some good discussion topics.   
Got out yesterday (finally), first full 18 holes of the year.  Just got new irons (switched from 4* upright to standard lie) and been working at the range a fair amount.  Hit the ball pretty solid, good driving.  Shot an 84, not horrible considering the conditions of the course, sanded greens, etc. 
I didn't return them right away, because I just received them 10 days ago and figured I might as well hit a couple of the irons a few times at the range to see how they felt.  I got them from GlobalGolf online (mint-used condition), they have a 14-day return policy.  I got an RMA this morning and will be returning them shortly.  They were a good buy, $440 for the set (basically brand new), compared to $600-$700 new.    Thanks for the feedback.
I got a new set of Taylormade TP CB irons online about 10 days ago.  I accidentally ordered them with the True Temper X-Stiff X100 steel shafts.  I've hit them a few times at the range and love the heads, but I think the shafts aren't right for me.  My driver swing speed range is 98-103, with about a 250 yd average carry.  My 8i I normally hit about 150-155.  The PW-7i seem to hit fine, but I'm really struggling with the 6-4 irons.  I'll hit what feels like a solid...
Don't like them, sorry, not my style.
Tiger Woods: -12 T2 Luke Donald & Hunter Mahan: -10
I'd be sure those aren't just for the practice green.  One of the ranges I frequent leaves about a large bucket on the practice green and a PVC 'rake' to collect them as needed.  That way you don't have to bring your 'tube' or shag bag or use your own bucket of range balls.  One of the other ones has a sign that says, "no range balls on practice green", but that one has a smaller practice green area.   In any event, I agree with most everyone else, do NOT take them home,...
Great job, like the stats, too!
So, I made a post last night to another thread on this forum (page 4, post #71).  In it I was suggesting to Eric and others that they may have misread the OP's original statement (as one could tell from Eric's quoted posts) that the OP really didn't do anything wrong in his actions.  The thread has to do with being hit into after not accepting a request to wait for another player to join him and pair up for the rest of the round.   I went back to check on something...
  Quote:   Eric, please go back and read the OPs post, before continuing to jump down this guy's throat. After re-reading the OPs post, he did nothing wrong, except maybe be a little to direct when he said he didn't want to pair up with the guy.  The guys was not 'making the turn', he was on the TEE on the 9th hole when the OP was teeing off on the 10th hole.  They passed each other in the fairway on the way to their balls to hit their 2nd shots.  'Making the turn' would...
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