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I just watched the "Stadler" interview, father and son playing together in the masters is pretty awesome. I'm fortunate enough to play with my father often, but couldn't imagine playing in an event of this magnitude. They both said it will not effect them on an emotional/mental level.... Whattya think??
It all ends tomorrow!!! First round of the season. But calling for snow again Tuesday.... FML
We stayed at Riu. Food was below average, but hotel and beach were ok.
Just returned from a long weekend trip to Jamaica. Was fortunate to get a day off golf in. I played a course called White Witch. The course was gorgeous. Very challenging, the narrow fairways really have me trouble. But the views made it all with it!
Spent the day at Golfsmith today. Hit just about every club they have. I left with a new set of Ping G20's (3,4 hybrid / 5-PW) on order. A very close second was the Callaway X2 Hot. The distance on the Callaway was crazy.... 15yards farther on some clubs. But the consistency was much better with the ping's. Since distance has never been my issue I went with what I was more consistent with.
I was going to get the ping G20 last year when I bought the ap2's and I did like them and hit them well according to the monitor. But I listened to the salesman and went with the AP'S.... I'm gonna go tomorrow night and swing a bunch of different stuff. The G25 will def be one them.
Yeah I was fitted....
I wouldn't say that I like titles at all, I think the salesman was just very successful in "up selling" an idiot (me). I'm very much a hacker who doesn't quite need a high launch game improvement iron.... BUT could use an iron that does help a little. I will definitely record my swing and post it first chance I get.
Thank you all so much. Keep the info coming, please!!
So, back in 2012 I got my game in decent shape (for me) was shooting in the low-mid 80's. Then last year I was convinced by a brilliant salesman at a certain golf store to upgrade my clubs to Titleist AP 2's. Well, what a mistake that was..... Last year I fell apart trying to use a "players club", by the end of the season I was back into the mid-high 90's. So now I'm looking for another set of clubs. I was hitting 09 Burners before trading them in for the AP 2's. I'm...
New Posts  All Forums: