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So my dream trip has finally come to an end!  I can't begin to say enough about how amazing it was.  If you are a golfer (of any level), you have to do everything you can to make this trip happen!  I am by no means a wealthy person and this trip has put me in debt for the foreseeable future, but, being able to experience it with my father and brother was priceless.  As most of you know, we started out our trip at TPC Harding Park.  The staff was exceptional, I booked...
Teeing it up on 18 @ pebble today! It was awesome, but I made it look so ugly!!!
No, that's definitely the first tee box. The starter took the picture.
The first at Spanish Bay! That place kicked my a$$ today, but the scenery was priceless!
I live in the heart of Philadelphia.... ya get used to it!!!
I will gladly ask in the morning.
We made it through the first two days of the trip! Day one was a travel day, then once in San Francisco we ventured over to Harding Park. First, I can't begin to tell you how great the staff was. We arrived with our names on our carts, and also a reserved table overlooking the 18th fairway and green for a quick bite to eat before our round. The course wasn't as "scenic" as I'd expected, but the rough was pretty thick so it was all about keeping it in the fairway. Then we...
Let me start by saying that I'm a die hard Philly fan and hate, no, DESPISE every and anything New York!  However, I will give credit where credit is due here.  Jeter is that guy!  That athlete that you could tell your kids..... "that's the one you want to emulate"!   He was a total class act his entire career and played the game the way it should be played.  I have nothing but respect and admiration for #2.  As for his place among the greatests of all time.......  His...
I couldn't begin to tell you how blown away my dad is about the trip. Long story short he is a cancer survivor and this will be our first father son trip since he's been back in good health. As for the money.... It's CRAZY EXPENSIVE! Between my brother and me it cost us about 6k each (that includes paying for my dad). But, like someone posted earlier, it's a one in a lifetime opportunity and it will be worth every penny.
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