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I'm just wondering what various members do to test out a set of irons.  I'm shopping for a set and when I go to the little range monitor in the store, I'll look for a few things:   How I generally feel about the swing of the club (is it heavy, is it light?) Do I like the look of the head at setup? Then hit a few balls does it feel soft or harsh? How straight did the monitor say it went? Is the distance / dispersion consistent?   I usually hit 3 balls for...
according to the chart above, with a 95 mph ss, you should be solidly in the X-stiff range, unless your tempo is a 2.  5 more mph and you'll be off the charts.
FYI - The average club head speed for an 8-iron is 87 mph on the PGA tour:   http://www.andrewricegolf.com/tag/clubhead-speed-on-pga-tour/
This was with a 7-iron.  The assistant said I had a fast swing speed.
I recently did the shaft optimizer and got the pictured results.  They suggested a stiff shaft, but I was taught that if you are in between stiff and regular, you should go with regular.  Can anyone help? Also, I've been seriously thinking of going to a graphite shaft since I like the lighter feel of an iron with graphite.      
I'm a big fan of Nike's UV stripe polos which are made of polyester & about 10% spandex.  They are soft, stretchy and wick sweat like there's no tomorrow.  Unfortunately, I don't really like their designs & coloring too much.  Also, The 100% polyester ones feel a bit scratchy & artificial to me.   Anyone know of other brands that are made of polyester & a little bit of spandex?
So I have 1 more year left to go in a contract. I'm making some good $$ & not spending any. If I play my cards right I should have a pile of cash by next year. Where would you guys go if you had about $50k in cash? I'd like someplace warm, cheap and maybe play a little golf. I also need some "excuse" to put on my resume for when the cash ran out. I'm thinking - rent an apt in Thailand for a year, live it up there, whilest remotely working on a PhD. Thereby I could...
carabiner - came with the sunblock.
I've been doing some swing analysis with various software such as v1pro. That leaves the question as to how to setup a camera to record yourself. There are some mounting solutions on the internet that are pretty expensive. I did find a solution with just a spider tripod (~$5) that works great! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16830996745 You can even carry around the bag and the mount doesn't come off. The only issue is that you need a taylormade bag or...
I went from playing the Nike Slingshot Irons last year to playing the Mizuno MP-52 Irons this year. Right off the bat, the MP52's felt heavier, but when I caught the ball well, it flew straight and long. It was a great feeling, but about 5% - 10% of the shots were horrible shanks that went into the woods. I've played about 25 rounds with them and tried everything to make the shanks go away. I never shanked like this before. I could even make it go away for a few...
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