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Suoer Stroke Lite grip. Past year all-black model, which I prefer to the new white with splash of color 3.0. Looks great on my Mizzy Betti.
I just went through the task of finding replacements for my PCB Tour MacGregors.  I have some MP-14s and MP Grads as well -- I know all older sets.  I needed more forgiveness as I don't play as much as I used to, and was looking to update my irons as far as technology.  I hit both the 900 pro and 925 pro back to back.  I could see a slight difference in club head size, sole grind, badges, and topline thickness, but not enough for twice the price difference between new...
I bought my wife some Puma golf shirts, shorts, and pants. Trying to get her into golfing by enticing her with fashion first.   She wants shoes next. 
I ended up buying an I-mix 10.5 head with the RIP 60 S. I also just got a BB 63 I-mix shaft on eBay. Gonna experiment a little.
Very nice.  Thank you.  I have always thought I was teeing too far forward, but this shows what the optimal position is.  Very helpful. As far as shafts, I am now considering the following, with the Made For RIP 60 supposedly the lower launching:   Diamana Blue Board 63 - Stiff Diamana Kai'li 60 - Stiff Aldila RIP 60 Made For Callaway - Stiff   I could always get the RIP and the BB, as the I-MIX RIPs sell for only 70 or so on callaway preowned. I just kept...
Hey everyone.  I've been MIA on this forum for quite some time. Anyway, I recently purchased a 9.5 Neutral Razr Hawk Driver, with RIP 60 S shaft from GG. I was kind of back and forth between a 9.5 and 10.5, but they just sold the last 10.5 in stiff.  My SS with driver is about 103/104.  I have a fast transition from the top down (slow take away).  My shot shape is generally very straight, to a power fade.      With the 9.5 and stiff RIP 60, my drives were launching...
Looking for a set of these irons in good cond.  I would consider flighted and non-flighted shafts, but prefer flighted.  Please PM if you have a set for sale. 
had a 47, 52, 56, 60 for a few years.  Last year, went to 47 (set PW), 51.06, 58.10 and I seem to be able to cover all of my yardages very well.  58 goes up to 85 yds, 51 is around 100-110 yds, and 47 is around 120 yds.  My 51 and 58 are the Mizon MP-T with a C-grind which I absolutely, absolutely love!  Best wedges I have ever hit.  Going from 4 to 3 wedges allowed me to add my 7W to the bag which I have found useful.  If I could somehow convince myself to drop my 3...
My mint cond. Flash Red 1993 VW Corrado VR-6 w/ 5 Speed (bone stock).  Sold it a few years back because of high maint bills.  Had a few after that before now getting my 2011 WRX ltd sedan.
I believe the courses he plays generally have slightly heavier, gritty sand, which would probably suggest less bounce.  However, like I said, he hits shots fat (due in no small part to issues with his swing) and if anything, he leaves the ball in the bunker by hitting it a little too much behind.  I've never seen him scull one out of the sand.  I think with the Vokey 56 you only have an option of 8, 11 and 14 bounce.    Perhaps I need to lean towards the 11, I dunno.
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